World Squares for All

The picture-postcard image

The client identified 4 key requirements

People in the area

Traffic in the area

The studies confirm the need to improve the balance between people and traffic

What will happen to people and traffic

Trafalgar Square


Parliament Square

St Martin's Place and Northumberland Avenue

Horse Guards Parade and Route to River

Raleigh Gardens and Whitehall's hidden spaces

Old Palace Yard

Broad Sanctuary and Residential Areas


Strategy 1 Traffic

Strategy 2 Traffic

Where will the traffic go?

What will the strategies do?

Further factors to consider

Strategy 1 People

Strategy 2 People

Design choices

Environmental gain/traffic pain

A vision for the future

Strategy 2 Traffic

Trafalgar Square area

Whitehall area

Parliament Square area

Smith Square area


  • More direct pedestrian crossings
  • Maintains service access to all buildings
  • Ramps at side road junctions with main roads to slow traffic and make crossing easier for pedestrians
  • Advanced stop lines for cyclists
  • Exemptions for buses and cyclists from banned turns