World Squares for All

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The client identified 4 key requirements

People in the area

Traffic in the area

The studies confirm the need to improve the balance between people and traffic

What will happen to people and traffic

Trafalgar Square


Parliament Square

St Martin's Place and Northumberland Avenue

Horse Guards Parade and Route to River

Raleigh Gardens and Whitehall's hidden spaces

Old Palace Yard

Broad Sanctuary and Residential Areas


Strategy 1 Traffic

Strategy 2 Traffic

Where will the traffic go?

What will the strategies do?

Further factors to consider

Strategy 1 People

Strategy 2 People

Design choices

Environmental gain/traffic pain

A vision for the future

What will happen to people and traffic?

  • The proposals will greatly improve the quality of the environment in the area. There will be less fumes and noise.

  • Residents, workers and visitors in the study area will benefit from the improved environment, enhanced facilities and increased levels of activity.

  • Pedestrians will feel safer and less intimidated by traffic. Better pedestrian crossings will reduce accidents in the area.

  • The setting of buildings and monuments will be enhanced with better paving, improved lighting and landscaping.

  • There will be improvements for cyclists and disabled people.

  • The feel of Trafalgar Square and Parliament Square will be substantially improved, changing them from traffic roundabouts to places for people. Other areas will benefit from similar treatment.

  • The proposals will increase traffic congestion in the rest of central London by 3% - 5%.

  • Drivers in central London will, on average, experience additional delays of between 30 seconds and 1 minute.

  • Bus journeys in the vicinity of the two Squares will be improved. Overall journey times across central London will be unaffected in one of our Strategies and will be increased by up to 7% in the other.

  • If drivers change their travel behaviour, as many said they would in response to our survey, then congestion in London may not increase as much as predicted.

  • If wider measures are introduced to reduce car commuter traffic to central London, the impact of the proposals on increased congestion could be reduced or eliminated.

  • There will be some reduction in accidents.