"Dixon and Jones's work illuminates issues which are central to architecture at the end of the 20th century. In its variety, resourcefulness, undogmatic expressiveness and commitment to the art of building, it is also immensely enjoyable. Beneath the wit and the polish, however, there is a seriousness, a sense of the gravity of the architect's task, which reflects a sound modernist upbringing. There is humour without flippancy, a decorative sense without a loss of discipline. Above all, Dixon and Jones are committed to the art of architecture, a social and a public art but one where the creation of appropriate beauty is a proper ambition and the architect himself is truly a creator and not just a facilitator. Sometimes depicted as the defenders of an alleged "middle ground" in British architecture - a position neither relishes - they are both progressives and traditionalists. As schools and fashions dwindle, Dixon and Jones's stance seems all the more inevitable, even radical, a forward-looking retort to the late 20th century taste for the arbitrary, the dissonant and the purely abstract. They care about the way buildings work and about the way buildings look."

Ken Powell
Architectural Corespondent for The Daily Telegraph

'A Gateway for Venice' Bus Station, Piazzale Roma, Venice 1991 Competition Winner from 266 submissions
Ospedale Nuova, Milan, Italy 1990 Competition Second Prize
Civic Centre, West Hollywood, USA 1987 Competition Award of excellence
Mississauga City Hall, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada 1986 Competition Winner from 246 submissions
Trinity Gardens, Toronto, Canada 1983
Nonthamptonshire County Offices, Northampton, England

1972 Competition Winner from 250 submissions
Science Building, University of Portsmouth, England 1996 Competition Winner
National Portrait Gallery extension, London, England 1994 Competition Winner
Darwin College, Study Centre, Cambridge, England 1994 Competition Winner
Henry Moore Sculpture Centre, Leeds, England 1992
Henry More Foundation, Gallery and Reception, Perry Green, England 1989
Sandra Ainsley Gallery, Toronto, Canada 1988
Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery, Ontario, Canada 1984 Competition Second Prize
National Gallery, Sainsbury Wing, London, England 1984
Tate Gallery, Restaurant, London, England 1984
Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London, England 1983 Competition Winner from 121 submissions
Tate Gallery, Coffee Shop, London, England 1981 Competition Winner
Karl Frederick Schinkel Archives, Berlin, Germany

Sainsbury's Superstore, Plymouth, England 1994
Regents Palace Hotel, London, England 1991
Spitalfields Development, London, England 1990
Petershill Development, London, England 1989
S A Armstrong, HQ Offices, Toronto, Canada 1987
M S Yolles, Mixed Use Building, Toronto, Canada 1986
Clifton Nurseries, Garden Shop, London, England

Darwin College, Student Housing, Cambridge, England 1995 Competition Winner
Robert Gordon University, Student Housing, Aberdeen, Scotland 1993 Competition Winner
Thamesmead Town, Area 7A, London, England 1991
Newcomen Road, L B Waltham Forest, London 1991
National Trust, planned village, Cliveden, England 1990
Compass Point, Isle of Dogs, London 1989
Ashmill Street, Marylebone, London 1985
Lanark Road, Maida Vale, London 1983
St. Marks Road, Housing, England 1979
Netherfield Estate, Milton Keynes, England 1975