This project by Jeremy Dixon, BDP, which came after the earlier three small infill housing schemes, is part of the Docklands development area in London. It provides an opportunity to look at a housing layout on a larger scale which has to provide its own context as well as a relationship to the locality.

The scheme consists of a main avenue leading to the riverfront, a riverside walk and a riverside terrace of houses, 3 second asymmetrical minor street, two courtyards and a small crescent. The manner of the scheme is to re-use elements from the earlier infill schemes as examples of "type solutions" to domestic architecture. There is some relationship between the riverside terrace and St Mark's Road, similarly the avenue has aspects of the villas in Lanark Road and one side of the minor street is derived from the Ashmill Street scheme.

This way of operating allows the various parts of the project to start from differing stylistic points of departure. It becomes part of the design of the scheme to reconcile the collisions between various parts, much in the way that one way have to deal with similar junctions between new infill and existing city fabric.

The riverside walk is treated as an intimate small-scale series of sheltered spaces overlooked at half a level up by the riverside gardens of the main terrace of houses.

The scheme is careful to define fronts and backs, the distinction between public and private which is the core of any historic city layout.

There are approximately one hundred and sixty dwellings on the site. On completion all were to be put tip for sale but with a requirement from the local authority that 30% were to be sold for a low price. The prices then ranged upwards to the four-storey riverside houses.

Completed 1989