Let the racing begin

This year's Regatta will again be a series of two short races on the Friday and one long race on the Saturday, run by the Royal Yacht Squadron on courses set in the central Solent area from the Squadron starting line. The Regatta is open to all crews who are primarily involved in the Construction Industry in the following classes:

  • Class 0: Sigma 38 Racing - One Design
  • Class 1: Racing - TCC Greater than 1
  • Class 2: Racing - TCC Less than 1
  • Class 3: Sunfast 36 - One Design
  • Class 4: Cruising - TMF Greater than 1
  • Class 5: Cruising - TMF Less than 1

Additional Classes will be formed for Sigma 33's, sports boats and Classic Yachts provided there are 10 or more starters of their respective types.

The racing will be conducted under the 1997-2001 ISAF racing rules, for all types of yachts other than ultra light displacement yachts and dayboats as defined by CHS between 25 and 50 feet long at the Organising Committee's discretion. There will be no restrictions on advertising or on the number of crew on any yacht. Yachts without valid IRC certificates not racing in level rating classes must race in Cruising Class without spinnakers or cruising chutes. Time correction factors (TMF) for the cruising class willl be awarded by the LBCCOC.

Time correction factors (TCC)

It is a condition of entry that all yachts entered in the racing classes (classes 1&2) shall provide full details of their current IRC Certificate by no later than 10 August 1999. NO CHANGE TO THE TIME CORRECTION FACTOR (TCC) WILL BE ALLOWED AFTER THIS DATE.

Contestants who fail to provide this information by this date shall have a Time Correction Factor awarded by the Little Britain Challenge Cup Organising Committee which will not be subject to amendment.

Prizes are awarded for the first three places in each race and for the overall result, in addition prizes are awarded for special categories i.e. best-dressed crew, best newcomer etc. Further prizes are awarded for yachts entered in a particular professional category i.e. contractor, surveyor, architect, etc. To be eligible for these prizes, entrants must declare which category they wish to race in at registration on 9th September 1999. They must also declare that at least 50% of the crew are employed in the particular professional category chosen.

* Please note that the Channel Handicap system of handicapping is replaced by the IRC system this year. The certificate issued this year will state a TCC - time correction that must be notified to the LBCCOC as stated above.