The idea of the Little Britain Challenge Cup started with Architect Peter Thompson of Norman + Dawbarn Ltd., and Steve Green of Cladtech, on a tour of the United States researching cladding companies for the Little Britain Office Development on London Wall in 1988.

They discovered over drinks in their hotel bar, a mutual indifference for golf days and both being keen yachtsmen, decided to have a day�s yacht racing instead. Steve Green volunteered a trophy, and a wager was struck that the loser would buy dinner after the race.

Phil Davies of Foremans, Services Engineers for the project joined them and over dinner afterwards, it was decided to run the race again the next year, inviting other friends from the Construction Industry and to raise money for charity. Steve�s outlay for the trophy was a modest thirty five pounds, whilst Peter�s bill for that first dinner came to six hundred and fifty pounds. To make matters fairer, Steve and Phil arranged a collection for charity including substantial donations of their own. The spirit of the event remains the same today.

In the early days of the event, a condition of entry was that the winners of the Little Britain Challenge Cup Trophy would be the organisers of the following year�s event. The size of the event is such now that this gentleman�s selection method is no longer practical.

Committee members are selected from volunteers who have participated in the event on a regular basis. They serve for a maximum of three years continuously with a new Chairman being elected annually from the previous committee.

Anyone interested in becoming involved in future events should make themselves known. Sponsors, suggestions and any assistance, in cash or kind, are always warmly invited.