Geoffrey Reid Associates' client survey

We commissioned Mirza and Nacey to undertake a client survey on our behalf during summer 2000 and we are delighted to announce that the results have been positive.

Below is a summary of the main findings and conclusion.

80 per cent of respondents in the postal survey rate Geoffrey Reid Associates as being 'good' or 'very good' in every major aspect of its performance. Best performance is achieved with its:

  • relationship with the firm
  • quality of staff
  • satisfaction with final product
  • level of technical expertise

Telephone interviewees were asked slightly different performance criteria and discussed their views more fully. The practice's performance is good for

  • listening to client's ideas
  • coming up with the right design
  • designing a quality architectural building
  • providing on-site management
  • technical expertise
  • providing a service after completion

Two areas of strength emerge:

  • design skills
  • personal qualities

Image & Position
70 per cent of respondents associate Geoffrey Reid Associates with being a 'team player'; 60 per cent associate it with innovation. Around half of respondents associate it with:

  • quality
  • meeting deadlines
  • adding value
  • being cost effective

Comparison with other firms
Geoffrey Reid Associates's performance is rated higher than that of other architectural firms. 90 per cent of respondents rate the practice as being 'good' or 'very good', compared with 80 per cent giving this rating to other architectural firms.

Strategic Conclusions

Geoffrey Reid Associates emerges as being a highly regarded architectural practice. It is performing well, though there are various shortcomings perceived on individual jobs. Overall, four out of five respondents think its performance 'very good' or 'good'.

Satisfaction with its performance is higher than that achieved by the other firms which were rated by survey participants. Furthermore, respondents consistently rate it higher than other practices for each of the performance criteria measured.

The practice is equally well regarded by clients and by building professionals such as surveyors, project managers and design and build contractors.

Geoffrey Reid Associates' particular strengths are its people ("nice people to work with") and design skills (flair, innovation).

People at the highest level are considered by many respondents to be excellent; they listen to clients and come up with appropriate designs. Directors are respected and liked.