Tuesday 16th November

10.30 - 11.45

Session 1 - Keynote Debate
The realities of the office of the present are very different from the Utopias of the office of the future. A culture of fear is alive and well and living in 1999. To change that culture we need a rational defence of the sovereign individual in the office.
Speakers: James Woudhuysen - Forecaster; Jeremy Myerson - Journalist, Royal College of Art; Peter York - Social Commentator, Author, Broadcaster, Journalist; Rosalyn Dexter - Feng Shui, Building Specialist
Chairman: Stefan Stern - Features Editor, Management Today

12.15 - 1.30 Session 2 - Call Centres
Focusing on the call centre return on investment, the environment and location needs. Could they be the sweatshops of the new millennium?
Speakers: Vivian Grafton - Thomas Cook; Chris Wood - BRANN; Ian Fielder - Johnson Controls, Tom Fitzherbert - Sitel Consulting
Chairman: Eric Fordham - Editor, Business Equipment Digest
2.00 - 3.15 Session 3 - Office Dynamics in the Future
Drawing on examples from Europe, including discussions on communicative offices; the integration of people, and electronics; spatial flexibility and the value of facility management as a tool for successful building.
Speakers: Dieter Jäger - Quickborner Team; Mr Bommersheim - Lufthansa
Chairman: Stephen Hitchins - Chairman, BDG McColl
3.45 - 5.00 Session 4 - Building for Democracy
Architecture representing democracy and its institutions has been energised by the need for new legislatures and other public buildings throughout the EU. Four architects discuss their design approach to buildings, incorporating new ways of working.
Speakers: Antoinette Nassopoulos, Foster & Partners - The new Greater London Authority headquarters; Ivan Harbour, Richard Rogers & Partners - Courts in Bordeaux and Strasbourg; Enric Miralles and Mick Duncan, RMJM - The new Edinburgh Parliament
Chairman: Paul Finch - Editor, Architects' Journal
6.00 Architects' Journal party and presentation of Awards by Enric Miralles (sponsored by the Chartered Society of Designers)


Wednesday 17th November

10.30 - 11.45

Session 5 - Managing Change - the essential skill for workplace professionals
Some people thrive on change, others are scared of it. As business horizons come closer and technological innovation accelerates, how do you ensure the working environment keeps pace?
Speakers: Martin Pickard - BT Cellnet; Catherine Robertson - Robertson Associates; Kathy Tilney - Tilney Shane; Neil Usher - Warner Bros.
Chairman: Richard Byatt - Editor, Premises & Facilities Management

12.15 - 1.30 Session 6 - Technology for the Future
Portable computing, networks and the internet are already changing the way pioneering companies organise themselves. As location independent working becomes more mainstream, there will be a fundamental reassessment of the role of the office. Meanwhile new technologies like flat screen monitors, wireless networks and speech recognition will transform the nature of offices and the shape of the furniture used in them.
Speakers: Mike Dilascio - Amplitude Software, USA; Ciaran Forde - Lucent; Bob Harris - JVC; Dr Chris G Wildey - Nokia Mobile Phones
Chairman: James Goulding - Editor, Business Info
2.00 - 3.15 Session 7 - Case Study - MCI WorldCom
An imaginative design approach to space management creating a unique flexible workspace for MCI WorldCom's global expansion.
Speakers: Linda Morey Smith - MoreySmith; David Anderson and Jenny Bolton-Clark - MCI Worldcom
Chairman: Elliott Chase - Editor, Workplace
3.45 - 5.00 Session 8 - Vision of the Future
Almost the only thing that anyone knows about the future of work is that no one really knows the future of work. But Tim Brown of IDEO, the international product and design research consultancy, and Clark Thorp of office furniture giant Haworth's experimental design team IDEATION have some fascinating ideas. Hear them explain their new maps for the working landscape we will soon inhabit.
Speakers: Tim Brown - IDEO; Clark Thorp - Ideation Team, Haworth
Chairman: Aidan Walker, Editor - FX
5.00 - 6.00 Session 9 - The Worldwide Workplace: Trends in Creative Offices
The authors of this new book explain how creative and alternative workplaces are no longer the exclusive province of creative and alternative companies. They explain how airlines, accountants and banks are building more imaginative offices.
Speakers: Jeremy Myerson - Royal College of Art; Philip Ross - Unwired
Chairman: Aidan Walker, Editor - FX
6.30 FX Party

Thursday 18th November

10.30 - 11.45

Session 10 - Only Human - Alternative Workplaces - Homeworking/Serviced Offices
Amid all the hype about new ways of working, the question of how people adapt to a different work culture has been largely overlooked. The panel will explore the problems and challenges that flexible working creates for individuals and their managers.
Speakers: Chris Boulton - Regus Serviced Offices; Clare Lees - The Henley Centre; John Weston - CBX; Frank Shepherd - BT Workstyle Consultancy Group
Chairman: Mark Eltringham, Editor - FMX

12.15 - 1.30 Session 11 - Humanising the Workplace
This session challenges the assumption that work has to be a grind. The variety of the panel show how their skills have been used to produce creative environments, where users do not feel enervated and stressed, giving delightful office space and surroundings and policies that help men and women to balance the demands of work and home.
Speakers: Keith Joughin - Littlewoods; Kevin Reider - KR Design; Claire Pickard - SAS Institute Marlow; Alan Threadgold - Boots the Chemist
Chairman: Sheena Vernon - Journalist
2.00 - 3.15 Session 12 - Case Study - Shell UK Ltd: Retail
Shell and BDG McColl will show how they eased the transition from traditional working methods to flexible working when the group relocated and restructured into a team of homeworkers supported by a small core office and four fully flexible twenty four hour managed satellite locations.
Speakers: John Arnoldi - Shell Retail; Phil Hutchinson and Lydia Ney - BDG McColl
Chairman: Lynda Relph-Knight, Editor - Design Week
3.45 - 5.00 Session 13 - Dealer Debate - Should Dealers expect stronger distribution disciplines from their Suppliers?
Furniture dealers are facing increased competition from new entrants, the stationery market and direct suppliers. With growth opportunities in providing a solutions sell and in emerging work practices, such as the call centre sector, dealers are faced with increased price pressure while striving to maintain the high service and aftersales care required.
Speakers: Brian Matthews - Bisley Office Equipment; Sara Nolan - Editor, Channel Info; Andy Penn - MJF Office Interiors; Martin Hockey - ACE Office Supplies (Integra Buying Group)
Chairman: Margaret Haynes - OFAS

All sessions must be booked in advance. Each session is chargeed at £34 + VAT. To book please contact:
Louise Loader