September 1999

UNWIRED� workplace and technology futures at WorkPlace 99

Cordless Consultants, in conjunction with Critical Path, Ericsson, JVC, Prime and Samas Systems Furniture, will demonstrate leading edge technologies that enable workplace innovation at the UNIWRED� concept stand.

Wireless technologies for nomadic workers will be on display alongside leading edge intranet solutions. The concept will feature new technologies such as Dual mode telephony, Cordless LANs and PANs such as Bluetooth.

Philip Ross, managing director of Cordless Consultants, said "New wireless technology and the internet are set to transform the world of work and with it the work place. UNWIRED sets out to predict those changes"

The UNWIRED stand will use a forest of futuristic Hubs and Towers (from Samas Systems Furniture) to demonstrate visions of the future, each enabled by a particular technology.

Hubs announced so far include:

The Internet Browser-based unified messaging systems
Intranets for flexible work Web-based systems for new ways of working management
Cordless voice futures DECT cordless PBX systems Dual mode telephony GSM in-building solutions 3G or SMART phones
Cordless data networks High speed cordless local area networks using infrared or radio frequency.
Personal Area Networks PAN technologies such as Bluetooth

Cordless Consultants was established in 1994 as a specialist in the emerging field of wireless technology. It now offers a range of services that provide an understanding of workplace and technology futures. It published the Cordless Office Report in 1995, the first piece of research to look at the impact that cordless technology would have on work and the workplace. The UNWIRED� Report was launched during 1999.

UNWIRED� sets out to provide a bridge between work, workplace, technology and innovation. Through publications such as the UNWIRED report and newsletter, together with advice, commentary and training UNWIRED seeks to predict the future and provide foresight in an uncertain world.

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Philip Ross
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UNWIRED is a registered trademark of Cordless Consultants Ltd.


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