September 1999

Concord Lights up the Hub at WorkPlace '99

Concord Lighting, Britain's most respected design-led lighting company, has been selected as exclusive lighting supplier to the Hub.

The lighting design challenge has been to give the seminar space a feeling of intimacy during presentations, while maintaining the impact of theatricality to the more open areas such as the Caf´┐Ż Bar.

Concord chose a number of different products from its extensive portfolio to obtain the right solution:

  • Myriad 50 to light the green room and presentation stage.
  • Myriad darklighters punching down scalloping the dividing wall through area following its line as it snakes through floor area.
  • Cimarec recessed used in combination with the ES-50 lamp in slots highlighting any promotional material in situ and highlighting the back wall detail.
  • Torus 100 will be lighting the tables and bar area.
  • 100 w fluorescents with blue wrap mounted in canopy washing a soft sheen of blue light over ceiling area softly fading down back wall.

In addition, the newly launched Torus 35 FX CDM-TC, designed to give an extra edge of compactness and versatility to the existing range, will be visible in the reception. Torus FX is a new electronic spotlight for the latest compact ceramic metal halide lamp.

For all types of accent and display work, Concord's combination of state-of-the-art lamp technology and a full toolkit of accessories makes Torus unbeatable.

Concord's commitment to modernist aesthetics and new technology in lighting makes it the ideal partner to show the key events at WorkPlace in the right light.

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Concord Lighting



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