The practice first came to prominence with its winning submission for the Northampton County Offices Competition in 1973. Since then they have won many national and international competitions and awards, most notably the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, 1984, Mississauga City Hall (Canada) 1982, and the Venice Bus Station 1991. The practice formed a limited company with Building Design Partnership in 1994 (Dixon Jones BDP) to implement the Royal Opera House project which started on site in 1996. The company presently has a staff of 45-50, 50% provided from both parent practices. The practice offers a range of disciplines including planning, architecture and interior design.


  • Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London 1984-
    ?120 million renovation to listed buildings and new building
  • Henry Moore Sculpture Centre Leeds 1989-1992
    ?3 million renovation to listed buildings and new buildings
  • National Portrait Gallery 1994-
    ?12 million renovation to listed building and new building
University or Academic Buildings
  • Darwin Study Centre, Cambridge 1989-1994
    ?1 million, new building
  • Darwin College Housing, Cambridge 1990-1995
    ?1 million, new building
  • Aberdeen Student Housing, Scotland 1989-1993
    ?1 million, new building
  • Portsmouth Science Building 1992-1996
    ?8.4 million, new building
  • New Business School, Oxford University 1996-
    ?20 million, new building
  • Plymouth Superstore for J Sainsbury Plc 1992-1994
    ?8 million, new building
  • Wandsworth Superstore for Safeway 1995, Masterplan
The practice has two associates:

Gordon Cousins BSc B Arch Hons RIBA
John Moran B Arch Hons RIBA

Gordon Cousins was Project Architect for the J Sainsbury Store in Plymouth and is Job Manager for the Royal Opera House.

John Moran was Project Architect for the Henry Moore Sculpture Centre in Leeds.