Photograph: Joëlle Dépont

A partnership of innovative design engineers in the field of building services.

Graduates Required

The demanding work load is varied and interesting. Engineers are encouraged to generate and develop their own ideas and to handle a wide range of technical issues. They are expected to produce and communicate appropriate designs which match the aesthetic aspirations of the architect. They will then manage the building contracts to install their designs.

To develop these skills, graduates need to be self-starters with a good understanding of physics and an interest in design. Graduates from scientific, engineering, and maths backgrounds are recruited for their potential, and to add their diverse expertise to the group's knowledge.

Application Details

Apply to Bill Watts with CV and informal letter demonstrating high academic achievement at school or university, related experience, interests and reasons for applying. Write to: Max Fordham & Partners, 42-43 Gloucester Crescent, London NW1 7PE. Phone: , Fax: .

Training & Development

Graduates are trained by senior engineers on-the-job and through a series of seminars to be proficient in all aspects of the design and contract work of the building programme. This usually includes getting out of the office to meetings and to site. Graduates are encouraged to follow the approved training scheme, leading to Chartered Engineer status. Salaries are reviewed on merit every six months.

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Photograph: Joëlle Dépont

Company Profile

Building services are all the engineering systems in a building that make it work. They affect what a building looks like and how comfortable the occupants are. The heating, lighting, and power consumed in buildings account for half the UK's energy use and building services consultants are responsible for the design of these elements. We also contribute to the design of the building as a whole. Each building is unique so all designs are one-off. Our work covers a wide range of subjects from hydraulics to lighting, from thermal response of materials to acoustics of theatres. Max Fordham & Partners work at the leading edge of this field and have a reputation for producing elegant design solutions.

The practice encourages an innovative approach to design rather than adopting standard solutions. Jobs in the office include domestic, commercial, medical, public and industrial buildings. Sites are throughout the UK with some overseas schemes. The partnership works with some of the most talented architects in the UK and has won numerous competitions and awards.

The 80 strong office is based in Camden Town on the top two floors of a round Victorian piano factory.

Company Structure

The company is unusual in this field in that it does not split its work into departments as each engineer works on all aspects of the building services. The engineering staff are split into six engineering groups of 5 to 15 people, each headed by a group leader who is responsible for the work and direction of the group. There is a hierarchy of engineering experience in each group but no formal structure. The practice normally works as part of a building design team in which our role is to develop the services installation design in close co-operation with the other professionals (architect, structural engineer and quantity surveyor) to produce a scheme which is fully integrated into the building. We advise on all aspects of the architecture which impinge on the internal environment, such as the windows, ventilation openings, thermal properties, acoustics etc. Engineers have an influence on the building design and are rewarded by seeing their contribution in the end product - the building.

The democratic practice gives everyone the right to join the partnership and control the management on the basis of one member one vote.

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