Environmental Design

An Introduction for Architects and Engineers
Edited by Randall Thomas

The book provides a primer and guide to the principles of architecture and engineering. Max Fordham & Partners have pooled the experiences of the practice specialists, who have worked in detail on environmentally friendly designs to create this publication. The book clearly presents the principles of their approach, which they have taught in numerous schools of architecture and engineering. This is essential reading for all those who are concerned with our built environment.

The book addresses some basic scientific principles and issues of air quality, noise and the greenhouse effect and also covers site planning, energy use, materials and building form. Natural ventilation systems, high efficiency mechanical equipment and alternative sources of energy are all explored.

The book is published by E & F Spon, UK orders
E: Mail:
Tel: 01264 342923 Fax: 01264 342761, ISBN 0-419-19930-6, 246 pages, 246 x 189mm, 88 line
illustrations, 23 half tones, paper back


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