The regatta will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing for 1997 - 2000 (RRS), the prescriptions of the R.Y.A., the rules of the various classes taking part, except as any of these are changed by these sailing instructions. The regatta is designated Category 'B'.

Yachts shall comply with Associated British Ports Southampton Byelaws 1988 and in particular the Notice to Mariners No. 8 of 1966. The moving prohibited zone shall be deemed an obstruction for the purposes of rules18 and 19. Yachts shall avoid close quarters with any commercial vessel. See Appendices 1 and 2.

Yachts may be entered by fully completing the entry form and registration details at the Regatta Desk in the upstairs conference room at the Cowes Yacht Haven Facilities Building.

Class 1(Racing) and Class 2 (Racing) yachts shall have a valid Channel Handicap Certificate. On demand the owner / competitor shall present a valid rating or measurement certificate or sign an undertaking to present such certificate within a prescribed time. If a certificate has not been produced by the issuing authority competitors must show that a valid application has been made for that certificate. The race organisers may inspect or measure any yacht before or after a race. Level rating classes shall not use any fitting equipment or sails, which are not regarded as standard for their class.

All skippers and crew shall have a bona fide involvement with the construction industry, except that charter boats may be allowed to carry one representative of the owner or charter company. No skipper, crew or representative who derives payment or free goods to a value in excess of £1000 per annum shall be allowed to steer whilst racing. Skippers and owners who have been engaged in yacht racing, either as full or part-time occupations in the period 24 months prior to 1 September 1998 shall not be eligible to steer during racing. The Little Britain Challenge Cup Organising Committee shall have final jurisdiction on the crew restriction condition. There shall be no restriction on crew numbers

All entries must submit an eligibility statement giving details of their intended crew if a professional or non- building industry owner is included in the race crew, by the end of August 1998.

Adequate personal buoyancy for all the crew shall be worn or carried in the yacht at all times. Wet / Dry suits do not constitute adequate buoyancy. Attentions is drawn to RRS rule 27.1 and rule 40, flag 'Y' (requiring life jackets to be worn).

Anchors shall be carried, but not in a position likely to cause a hazard to other competitors ( ie. Not overhanging the bow).

Cruising class entries shall not fly a spinnaker or cruising chute while racing.

Permission must be obtained for yachts to use sails carrying a distinguishing number or mark other than that required by RRS rule 77. Requests for such permission must be made in writing and received by the LBCCOC at least 24 hours before racing commences. ( LBCCOC will advise the Royal Yacht Squadron before racing commences)

Notices to entrants will be posted on the official Regatta Notice Board located outside the main Cowes Yacht Haven facilities block and on the notice board on the RYS platform.

International Code Flag 'L' flown from the Royal Yacht Squadron Flagstaff will indicate changes in Sailing Instructions. They will be announced on VHF Channel 37 (M) approximately 20 minutes before the first warning signal of the day (see clause 4.02 below). If possible any changes in sailing instructions after those advised at registration will be posted at least 2 hours before the advertised warning signal of the race or races concerned. Except that any change to the schedule of races will be posted by 18.00 hours on the day before it will take effect.

Whenever possible Race Control (Call sign: CASTLE ONE) will announce course, postponements, and general recalls on VHF Channel 37 (M). If this channel is blocked Race Control will attempt to make these announcements on Channels 72, 77, 6, or 8, in that order. See also paragraph 5.02 below ref. Postponement.

Signals made ashore will be displayed on the flagstaff at the Royal Yacht Squadron (RYS).

Postponement signals will be made in accordance with RRS rule 27.3 except that flag AP over AP (with two sound signals) means all racing is postponed indefinitely. The lowering of this signal (with one sound signal) will be followed by: AP over numeral pennant 1 (with two sound signals). The warning signal for the first start will be made one minute after this signal is lowered (with one sound signal).

Races are scheduled as follows :-

RACE 1 Friday 11 September 1998 10.00 hours BST
RACE 2 Friday 11 September 1998 14.30 hours BST
Or by announcement as soon as possible after 13.00 hours following the completion of race 1.
RACE 3 Saturday 12 September 1998 10.00 hours BST

Yachts shall wear a clearly visible a Numeral Pennant on the backstay (at least 400mm in the fly) according to the Class to which the yacht has been allocated as follows :-

CLASS 0, Sigma 38 , Naval Numeral Flag 1
CLASS 1, Racing, Numeral Pennant 1, TCF < 1 approx.
CLASS 2, Racing, Numeral Pennant 2, TCF > 1 approx.
CLASS 3, Sunfast 36, Numeral Pennant 3
CLASS 4, Cruising, Numeral Pennant 4, TCF < 1 approx.
CLASS 5, Cruising, Numeral Pennant 5 , TCF > 1 approx.
CLASS 6, Sports Boats, Numeral Pennant 5, subject to entry profile

Whilst racing yachts shall wear the Regatta Flag on the backstay immediately below the Class Flag. The Regatta Flag must be collected by competitors from the Regatta Desk (located in the upstairs conference room at the Cowes Yacht Harbour Facilities Building).

The racing area will be the central Solent area generally as indicated in illustration in Appendix '5' attached.

The course to be sailed will be displayed shortly after the warning signal, to seaward from the battlements of the Royal Yacht Squadron, by exhibiting the code for the marks to be rounded in the order of rounding.

An orange letter, number or symbol indicates the mark shall be rounded to port.

A yellow letter, number or symbol indicates the mark shall be rounded to starboard.

When two diamonds are shown, the course shall be sailed twice round.

When three diamonds are shown the course shall be sailed three times round.

The courses to be sailed will use either fixed Solent marks, or a combination of fixed Solent marks and specially laid marks. The marks to be used their number, letter or symbol are included in Appendix '4' attached. Their approximate positions are given in Appendix '6'.

Races will be started in accordance with RRS Rule 26 System 1 with classes starting at 10 minute intervals the order :-

1st. Start , Classes 4 & 5.
2nd. Start , Classes 2 & 3.
3rd. Start, Classes 0 & 1.

A boat shall not start later than 15 minutes after her starting signal.

Not less than 15 minutes before the warning signal of the first race on each day, a signal displayed at the Royal Yacht Squadron lodge flagstaff will inform yachts of the direction of the first leg after the start and the line position.

Green Flag, Starting to the West
Red Flag, Starting to the East

Red or Green Flag, Line position 1
Red or Green Flag over Shape, Line position 2

The starting line is an extension of the line formed by bringing the Royal Yacht Squadron (RYS) flagstaff into line with the white line on the orange diamond on the Castle, limited by the inner and outer limit marks, which are starting marks. Yachts shall start in the direction indicated.

Vertical light beams are installed at the RYS to help identify the starting line transit. The intensity of the light beam increases as the transit is approached and at the approximate point of transit the flagstaff momentarily obscures the rear light. This is a navigational aid only and does not constitute the starting line, nor will a start be postponed because of any failure of the lighting equipment.

The starting line has two positions:

Line position 1: on a bearing of approximately 342 degrees from the RYS flagstaff in the direction of West Bramble buoy. Outer limit mark is the West Bramble buoy; inner limit mark is an orange inflatable buoy (carrying a sponsor's name) approximately 500 metres from the RYS flagstaff.

Line position 2: on a bearing of approximately 011 degrees from the RYS flagstaff in the direction of South Bramble buoy. Outer limit mark is the South Bramble buoy; inner limit mark is an orange inflatable buoy ( carrying a sponsor's name 'PLUS WALL') approximately 500 metres from the RYS flagstaff.

Boats whose warning signal have not been made shall keep clear of the starting area and of all boats whose warning signal has been made.

Individual recalls will be signalled in accordance with RRS Rule 29.2 except that instead of the Code flag 'X', the Class flag will be displayed for not more than 4 minutes. Sail numbers will not be displayed but when possible, 'CASTLE ONE' will announce on channel 37 or ('M') the sail numbers of yachts recalled. Failure to make an announcement will not be grounds for redress. This varies RRS Rule 62.

General recalls will be in accordance with RRS Rule 29.3. In addition a general recall will be announced on VHF Channel 37 or ('M').

'Five minute rule': After a general recall for the start of her class, a yacht shall not pass on the course side of the start line and its transit during the period between her preparatory and starting signals. Any yacht infringing shall immediately retire. RRS Rule 60 varied to the extent that the yacht will be disqualified without a hearing unless she requests one.

The finishing line will be between the Royal Yacht Squadron flagstaff and an orange inflatable buoy (carrying a sponsor's name).

Every yacht when finishing shall ensure that all forms of identification, sail numbers and class pennant are clearly visible to Race Control. Any yacht which fails to comply may not be timed in and may, at the discretion of the Race Control, be scored DNF (did not Finish).

After finishing, yachts shall keep clear of the finishing line.

Each yacht should record her own finishing time and, when feasible, the sail number of the yacht immediately ahead and astern, and keep a record for Race Control.

The following time limits shall apply :

Race 1, Friday 11 September 1998, 13.30 hrs BST Race 2, Friday 11 September 1998, 18.00 hrs BST Race 3, Saturday 12 September 1998, 18.00 hrs BST

Yachts unable to finish by this time will not be counted as finishers. If no yacht in a class finishes before this time, the race will be abandoned for that class.

Declarations are not required. Retiring yachts should advise Race Control as soon as possible either by VHF Channel 37 (M), Call sign 'CASTLE ONE' or telephone 01983 292 191.

Protests and requests for redress shall be written on forms available at the RYS race platform and delivered there within two hours after the last boat's finish. A fee of £25 shall accompany all protests/requests for redress. The fee will be returned if the submission is successful. It is the duty of all involved parties to ascertain from the RYS race platform the place and time of the hearing and to produce their witnesses at this time.

The Protest Committee may at its discretion impose percentage time penalties, disqualify a yacht from a race, or confer any other penalty or award it may determine to be equitable.

The low point scoring system, RRS Appendix rule A2 will apply and all races will count. Points will be awarded as follows:

DNS/DNF/RET, Number of race entries plus 1,(Did Not Start/Did Not Finish/Retired)

DSQ, Number of race entries plus 2, (Disqualified)

DNC, Number of race entries plus 3, (Did Not Come to the starting area)

The penalty for breaking part 2 rules shall be the scoring penalty. RRS Rules 44.3 and 44.4 will apply. The penalty will be 20% of the number of boats entered rounded up to the nearest whole number.

Handicapping for yachts in the racing divisions will be accordance with the 1997 RORC/ UNCL Channel Handicap System. Handicaps for the yachts in the cruising divisions will be awarded by LBCCOC and will be based on the Portsmouth Yardstick Ratings. The allocation of yachts to each class and the ratings given will be an addendum to these sailing instructions.

A provisional list of race results will be displayed on the Regatta Notice Board as soon as possible after the completion of each race. This shall not be a subject of protest or redress although errors may be notified in writing to Race Control.

Prizes to be awarded are listed in the Regatta Programme.

Name of Buoy/Mark Colour Latitude N Longitude W
Air Canada Y 50 47.30' 01 16.75'
Alpha (Distance Mark) Y 50 46.24' 01 18.11'
Beta (Finishing Mark) O 50 46.17' 01 17.53'
Bob Kemp Y 50 45.15' 01 09.55'
Bowring Y 50 47.28' 01 12.00'
Browndown G 50 46.54' 01 10.87'
CHC Y 50 46.11 01 17.14
Champagne Mumm Y 50 45.60' 01 23.03'
Clipper Y 50 48.43' 01 17.53'
DAKS Simpson Y 50 45.50' 01 14.30'
D.B.Marine Y 50 46.13' 01 13.00'
Deck Y 50 48.60' 01 16.57'
East Bramble BYB 50 47.20' 01 13.55'
East Knoll G 50 47.93' 01 16.75'
Elephant Y 50 44.60' 01 21.80'
Gurnard BY 50 46.18' 01 18.76'
Gurnard Ledge G 50 45.48' 01 20.50'
Hill Head R 50 48.12' 01 15.91'
Jardines O 50 48.10' 01 14.55'
Kelvin Hughes Y 50 47.30' 01 14.50'
Lucas Y 50 46.24' 01 08.67'
Marina Developments Y 50 46.12' 01 16.55'
Motherbank R 50 45.46' 01 11.13'
Newtown O 50 44.15' 01 23.70'
Norris R 50 45.92' 01 15.40'
North East Gurnard R 50 47.04' 01 19.35'
North East Ryde Middle R 50 46.18' 01 11.80'
North Ryde Middle R 50 46.58' 01 14.30'
Ocean Safety O 50 45.75' 01 19.67'
Peel Bank R 50 45.47' 01 13.25'
Prince Consort BY 50 46.38' 01 17.47'
Quinnell Y 50 47.03' 01 19.80'
Ratsey Y 50 47.63' 01 13.56'
Autohelm Y 50 46.55' 01 21.37'
Royal Southern Y 50 48.85' 01 15.48'
Royal Thames Y 50 47.78' 01 19.17'
Seafile Y 50 46.10' 01 22.10'
Seascope O 50 47.38' 01 15.82'
SM Y 50 46.06 01 17.00
Snowden O 50 46.17' 01 17.51'
South Bramble G 50 46.95' 01 17.65'
South East Ryde Middle YB 50 45.90' 01 12.00'
South Ryde Middle G 50 46.10' 01 14.08'
Spanker Y 50 47.08' 01 17.98'
Sunsail Y 50 46.40' 01 15.00'
West Bramble YBY 50 47.17' 01 18.57'
West Knoll G 50 47.52' 01 17.70'
West Ryde Middle YBY 50 46.45' 01 15.70'


Y - Yellow
R - Red
BYB - Black with Yellow band
O - Orange
W - White
YB - Yellow above Black
G - Green
BY - Black above Yellow
YBY - Yellow with Black band

The above positions are approximate. Whilst every care has been taken in the preparation of the above list no requests for redress and/or liability can be accepted for any loss or damage arising from any error or inaccuracy.