David, first Earl Beatty (1871-1936), was a naval hero. A dashing and popular leader Beatty was Winston Churchill�s appointment as first Lord of the Admiralty in 1913.

Success came quickly for Beatty at Heligoland Bight and Dogger Bank, but in 1916 his conduct at the Battle of Jutland was more controversial. Britain suffered serious losses at the hands of her German adversaries, causing Beatty to make the famous utterance to his Captain, �There must be something wrong with our bloody ships today Chatfield�.

Later when he replaced Earl Jellicoe as Commander of the Grand Fleet, he maintained a high level of morale in the British Fleet. He successfully enforced the naval blockade, which was a critical factor in the Allied victory.

The statue is by Sir Charles Wheeler, who also designed the mermen in the Trafalgar Square fountains.

Contemporary photographs by Jeremy Young
Drawing Public Record Office

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