Formal teaching within the school centres on a number of "Harvard" style lecture rooms with a compact horseshoe layout. In addition to these medium-sized lecture rooms there is one large lecture hall with a capacity of 300 seats. There are seminar rooms of various sizes and faculty rooms for individual academic staff. The less formal areas between specific teaching spaces that become particularly important in this building. The "Harvard" style lecture rooms and the seminar rooms are arranged along two generous Orangeries that form the long sides of a central courtyard.

The canopy acts as a portico to the school bringing together the pedestrian routes from the City of Oxford and the Railway Station, into an entrance court raised slightly above the pavement, and also shades the fully glazed facade to the entrance hall and library. The combination of the canopy and glazing gives transparency to the school and an impression of accessibility.

Facts and Figures
Winner in a limited competition: 1996
Building Contract: 1999 - 2000