The project consists of three buildings and car parking located discreetly in an important rural landscape.

Henry Moore lived and worked for the latter part of his life in the village of Perry Green in Hertfordshire. During his lifetime he accumulated a substantial area of property including most of the properties round the village green and extensive gardens and agricultural land to the rear of the house that he occupied. The site is now an important record of how Henry Moore worked and lived. It has a number of studios that he used at various times spread around the estate. Many sculptures are placed in the gardens and surrounding landscape.

Moore left a large number of drawings, maquettes, and sculpture unsuitable for outdoor display that are not at present accessible to the public. The new buildings would store and display works on paper, provide a gallery for sculpture, and a biographical gallery/reception area.

The site as a whole has to be considered in relation to the handling of an increased number of visitors. Again this needs to be done discreetly, minimising interference with the unique atmosphere of the gardens and landscape as lived in by Henry Moore.

Facts and Figures
Commissioned: 1990
Project cancelled: 1991