"A Flash of Brilliance"

"Sited on a ridge between Northampton and the Ml Motorway, it is a brilliant work of architecture, which will give local people a fine new landmark.

It is nonsense to try and hide or camouflage buildings in the countryside because the net result is to produce suburbia. Such a man-made mark of grandeur and integrity in the countryside is not only acceptable, but also a splendid thing, to be admired in approach, to be enjoyed in proximity.

Car parks are wastelands. No one really succeeded in hiding or disguising them; even at the Beaulieu Motor Museum it seems a pity that a wood should be filled with cars. Therefore the raised spiral mound on which council staff will park their cars is a superbly arrogant idea which has every chance of coming off."

From Design Magazine, January 1974
By Corin Hughes Stanton

Facts and Figures
Winner in an open competition - 1972

Design 301, of Council Industrial Design, January 1974