Image Manipulation

Every picture tells a story and that story can be changed radically at Clicks. Our image manipulation department uses the latest high-end systems to scan, merge, manipulate and retouch images at a professional level. Thus night can become day; fat can become thin; Big Ben and the Sydney Opera House can share the same skyline.

Images are scanned via Crosfield Magnascan RGB scanners which are linked to Crosfield Mamba retouching systems and Power Mac workstations. Highly skilled operators combine traditional retouching skills with the dazzling power, versatility and speed of this technoLogy to enhance and improve images or create original award-winning work. In the event that a particular effect cannot be achieved on our computers, our operators can complete the task using traditional photographic skills.

ISDN facilities allow clients to send or receive files directly to or from their workstation. Images can also be trans- ferred directly to an image database for secure storage and easy access.