Image Bureau Services

Increasingly clients are originating images and documents in-house on PC and Mac systems for business presentations, exhibitions and marketing communications. This has led to an increasing reliance on professional bureau services that can support clients with advice, technical support and output of images throughout the creative and production processes.

Clicks Launched the first ever image bureau which is now the largest in the UK. It is set-up to handle high volumes of work and tight deadlines professionally and creatively with unrivalled expertise to meet every technical eventuality Clicks also holds a vast database of typefaces and graphical images that can be incorporated into clients' presentations.

The bureau can write and accept a wide range of system file formats via disc, modem or ISDN links from PC and Mac platforms and high-end systems such as Scitex, Crosfield and Hell. The highest quality scans can be made from any origination; trans- parencies, colour negatives, reflection and artwork copy.

Images can be manipulated and output to slides, overhead prolector transparencies, colour prints, documents and large format exhibition prints. For reprographic applications images can be output to high quality transparencies up to 220 X 240mm.

A closed loop calibration system guarantees a digital duplicate of each original image. Digital outputs can be made to Syquest, optical disc, CD-ROM, Exa byte tape or transmitted via modem or ISDN links.