Database Management

Central to the idea of digital image management is the creation of a digital image database. After your library of images has been scanned, they will be stored securely and indefinitely on the database and output when required to the desired format. Archiving, search and retrieval of digital files is quick and easy.

Each database is designed to meet each client's specific needs using industry standard systems and technology. Users can browse images in low resolution and select images in high resolution on a variety of outputs.

Your database can either reside at Clicks or at your premises. If Clicks hosts your database then it will under- take all updates, outputs and reports for you. Using ISDN communication lines, authorised users can link directly into the database; thus picture files, for example, can be edited or manipulated on-screen before output. Images requested by third parties, such as designers, advertising agencies or printers, can be transmitted elec- tronically from the database to the application site where they can be imported into waiting on-screen pages or advertisements. Only an integrated service provider such as Clicks can offer such a comprehensive and versatile image database facility.