The organisation for professionals in construction information

CIIG - the - is the organisation for professionals concerned with the provision, dissemination and use of information in the construction industry.
Collectively, we gain benefits which as individuals (and individual organisations), we could not achieve alone.

CIIG is a network of individuals who, through a regular programme of meetings and publications, aim to:

  • Promote good practice in construction libraries and information services.
  • Improve liaison and co-operation between members.
  • Provide a forum for the discussion of common problems.
  • Help members keep abreast of current developments.

With members drawn from private practice, professional bodies, local authorities, educational establishments, government departments and industry, CIIG brings together librarians, information officers, architects, engineers , surveyors and other specialists.

There is a regular and wide-ranging programme of meetings and visits, including presentations of information systems and classification systems, visits to libraries and special information collections, and trips to buildings and sites, both new and historic.

Meetings and visits
These meetings enable CIIG members to keep in touch with current developments, and form an invaluable CPD resource. They are also an opportunity to meet other members and exchange ideas. We are frequently able to gain access to locations and to expertise which would not be accessible to individuals or individual organisations.

Conferences and workshops
Conferences and workshops are organised to look at specific subjects in more depth.

Social gathering
A social gathering is usually held once a year, and this provides a useful means of making contact with others working in similar fields.