28th October 1998

Aida Kesuma Azmin

To utilize my natural artistic talents and creativity into good use for the sake of all human kinds and nature's stability -towards becoming a humane-and-green architect of the next millennium. Functional summary I have spent most of my life studying in my aspiration to give my best contribution for the benefit of all. Throughout those years I have been the best student in my state, failed twice; before I gained a plane ticket to study in the UK. My reason of taking up architecture course is as one of the ways for me to understand the meaning and relationship between human, nature and the built environment. Indeed, by travelling and experiencing it by oneself, only then one could really understand. So from where I have started, until where I am now, I will not stop until my dream come true, all with God's consent.

July - Aug 1997 Medium Design Group, Shah Alam , Malaysia
Assistant Project Interior Designer
Project Involved: MALAYSIA 's 21st century Multi-media Super Corridor ; The Ministry's New Administrative Building, Putra Jaya , Malaysia

1989-1990 MARA Junior Science College, Perlis, Malaysia
SPM/ 'O' Level (Science Streme)
1119 English
1992-1994 MARA Science College, Banting, Malaysia
A - Levels
Pure Maths (1 & 2)
Statistics (1 & 2)
1995-1996 NCUK [Northern Consortium of United Kingdom] Twinning Programme, Shah Alam, Malaysia
1st year degree in Architecture
1996- 1998 University of Huddersfeld, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
BA [Hons] Architecture {International}

Malaysian Architectural Students Association [MASA] Regional representative - Yorkshire · Organizer for the 5th MASA Annual Architectural Symposium 1998, Easter 4th-6th of April 1998, University of Huddersfield; THEME "BANGUN" / Rise Towards Sustainable Architecture

Miss Janine Riley
Year Tutor MA (Arch) RIBA2 Architecture
University of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

Dr Magda Sibley
Year Tutor BA (Hons) Architecture { International}
University of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

English , Malay Language [Written & Spoken];Arabic [Written]

Self-assertive, Persistent & Principle-minded; Friendly, Motivated and Enthusiastic Fast Learner.

Skills / Interests
Computers - AutoCad 14, Builders Cad7, Corel Draw8, Adobe Photoshop5.0, U-Lead Graphics, MS Words97, MS Excel
Arts -water colour/ coloured pencil etc; flair for fashion & graphic design
Travelling, Arts, Photography, Music, Movies, Books, Badminton, Swimming, Meditation.

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