Name Alexander John Amos bna masi ffb assoc.aia
Role Senior Architect - Design Manager
Projects Commercial, hotel, residential, civil and industrial.
Profile Extensive experience as pragmatic hands on design manager / trouble-shooter. Worked with clients, consultants, developers, engineers and contractors on planning, design development and constructions stages of projects executed in the UK, West & East Europe, Middle East and SE Asia. Last assignments based on site during construction stages of major hotel / commercial projects in Kuala Lumpur and Riyadh.
Key skills Design concept innovation / planning & design for change of use.
  Crisis Management design development / site engineering / control shop drawings.
  Business Development initiation / client contact / team formation / design management.
Qualifications UK Registered Architect - ARB Registration NR 056701I
  NL Registered Architect - SBA Registration NR 1.890410.031
  UK Architectural Association Inter Exam (equivalent to BSc. Architecture).
  NL Netherlands Architects Association Professional Practice Exam.
Age 57
Position Permanent or Contract
Status Married
Salary / fee Negotiable
Location Unrestricted (UK or overseas)
Permanent Address