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Contemporary architects

Alsop and Stormer
A new site is promised shortly

Renzo Piano Building Workshop See all of Piano's projects from the Sixties collaborations with Richard Rogers through to the jaw dropping Tjibaou Cultural Centre in New Caledonia. You can also apply to join the architect's next annual workshop starting in September

Richard Meier
Less corporate than antenna expected. Projects like the Getty are described as works of architecture rather than business opportunities, and Meier's smiling face greets arriving visitors

Robert Green
Would you like to live in a Wrightian style house? Green studied with the architect and understands his principles

Santiago Calatrava
This unofficial but informative site has photos and text describing all of the Spanish architect's bridges. A section on buildings was under construction when antenna last visited

The Norwegian outfit has the best site we've seen so far. You can read the architect's personal thoughts and, with a Quick Time plug in, enjoy a spectacular virtual trip around the half finished Alexandria Library

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