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The Technology

In a conventional electrical installation system each function needs its own cable and each control system a separate network. In contrast the instabus EIB* enables sensing, switching, control, monitoring and signalling of all functions and sequenses via a single common line. The power supply can be led directly to the loads without making any diversions. The common line comprises a two-core cable and bus compatible devices. Sensors (light switches, brightness/temperature sensors, air-speed indicators etc) and actuators (e.g. luminaires, ventilators and drives) can all communicate with one another without the need for a control centre. In addition to to the large reduction in wiring (30% copper), the installation system can be easily set up, commissioning is much faster than traditional BMS, and is highly versatile. Taking a ground-up approach rather than a top-down one means that the system can be easily extended to meet changing demands of the building or group of buildings.In addition to a large reduction in wiring and consequent costs, the installation bus system can be easily set up. Being a peer-to-peer distributed system means that each device talks directly to other devices. This means that response is fast and can be applied in situations where dynamic control is important.

Technical description