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Wednesday 11 March

Manuel DeLanda
A Thousand Years of Nonlinear History

Against the background of post-modern philosophy, where human history is viewed as a stage where only texts and discourses, signifiers and metaphors play, Manuel DeLanda has drawn out a history of the millennium which emphasizes material and energetic processes. In these theories, biological and social forms are seen to emerge from within matter itself and the major transitions in human history (from nomadism to agriculture, from agriculture to industry) are portrayed as 'phase transitions', similar to those undergone by matter as it changes from gas to liquid to solid. He will elaborate on aspects of this history on Wednesday 11 March at 5pm in the Lecture Hall.

Manuel DeLanda teaches a seminar at Columbia University on 'Theories of Self-Organization and Urban History'.

 The Eden Project, Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners

The Eden Project, Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners

Nicholas Grimshaw
Global Responsibility : Can Architects Play a Role?

At 7pm on Wednesday 12 March, Nicholas Grimshaw will discuss 'simulated environments' and issues concerning how people can continue to enjoy the world without destroying it.

Looking to the future and the subject of sustainability, he will talk about low energy design and how structures can be changed or re-used over time. He will also explore what effect the switch from manufacturing industries to intellectually-based services has had on aspects of urbanisation.

To illustrate his lecture he will show 240 slides, including many of his own work. Please note that this is a ticketed event. AA Members should call () or fax () Kate Jones before Monday 9 March to reserve a ticket for this lecture, subject to availability. AA students and staff can collect a ticket in person for this lecture, subject to availability, from Belinda Flaherty. Tickets will only be available from 10am on Monday 9 March. Pre-booking will not be possible for students and staff.