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Free University, Berlin

Forthcoming title: Exemplary Projects 3

Free University, Berlin
Candilis, Josic, Woods, Schiedhelm

Gabriel Feld, Manfred Schiedhelm, Peter Smithson, Alexander Tzonis, George Wagner, Photography: Charles Tashima
Format t.b.a. Winter 1997 ISBN 1 870890 76 0
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'Here we have an example of that radical, independent, obsessive love-affair with the machine which we think of as characteristically French. We have a building in the tradition of the duckbilled-platypus-fronted old Renault...of the postwar Citroën deux-chevaux... of the Beaudouin and Lods buildings from the mid-1930s...of the corrugated stainless steel sleepers of the Mistral', so writes Peter Smithson of the Free University in Berlin, which he describes as 'one of the two critical building-events of the second half of this century'.

This extensive study of the Free University looks at the formative ideas leading to the design, the role of Shadrach Woods, and the influence of the building on a generation of architects. The texts are accompanied by specially commissioned photographs.