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Projects Review 1996/97
172pp, extensively illustrated, 250 x 320 mm, July 1997 ISBN 1 870890 78 7
Price £15.00

Projects Review accompanies the annual AA end-of-year exhibition and illustrates the best and most interesting student work produced during the academic year. Each unit is represented by a summary of its approach and achievements and its own selection of work. Urbanism, landscape, materials, technologies of production, and the reclamation of industrial and military plants were some of the topics explored this past year in relation to specific sites in Manchester, Venice, Liverpool, London,Turin and Bombay. The diversity of sites connotes something of the internationalism of the school; the diversity of topics provides ample opportunity for architectural innovation and experiment.

If you want to know more about the AA School, this is the book to buy.

Back issues available: £12.00 each