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Dan Graham

Dan Graham: Architecture
Dan Graham, Brian Hatton, Mark Pimlott, Adachiara Zevi
64pp, 240 x 200 mm, 30 ills inc 15 col, April 1997 ISBN 1 870890 75 2
Price £15.00

'In LA I could see an individual eccentric home-owner creating an "Alteration of a Suburban House" as part of a theme--park Hollywood movie-set environment. It could be either "negative-nasty" or "playful-aggressive"...', so writes Dan Graham of his 1978 proposal to replace the facade of a suburban house with a sheet of transparent glass, exposing the life of its inhabitants to public view'... I see the work as alternately frightening and full of voyeuristic fun, in the tradition of the rollercoaster or fun-house mirror. Just as Koolhaas writes about the delirious pleasures of congested modern New York, my suburban models speak of the delirium of the suburbs.'

Suburban tract housing is clearly one point of reference in Dan Graham's explicitly political work. Other architectural sources are corporate office buildings, rococo and baroque pavilions, Laugier's primitive hut, Victorian park gazebos, De Stijl exposition pavilions, contemporary bus shelters, and amusement parks.

Through texts and a thirty-year survey of projects, Dan Graham:Architecture presents a diverse body of work situated on the divide between popular and high art, between art and architecture.