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Major Projects Include


Funded by the European Commission to develop a masterplan for a sustainable city quarter by efficient use of renewable energies. Working with Sir Norman Foster and Partners, Andromeda Telematics developed the control concept. The control concept included distributed processing building management which not only controlled each building but enabled the buildings to intercommunicate to share out available energy depending on current demand and function. This information was also provided to combined heat and power systems to close the energy loop.

The Solar Quarter Project was awarded the International Academy of Architecture Medal


The Wembley Park Masterplan was designed to bring the Wembley Complex into the 21st century. From the outset it was envisaged the the masterplan would take advantage of appropriate technology to provide unprecidented facilities and services to the public as well as creating a flexible space and to develop and improve existing functions. Andromeda Systems developed the telematic strategy. This strategy included such diverse functions as energy monitoring over the whole complex using graphic aids to low-cost contactless smart card technology to track visitor spending and use of the site for marketing applications and to provide visitor specific automatic direction and access systems. Again much use was made of the application of control networks integrated as part of the building management of the complex, thus making use of movement detectors and other devices intrinsic to normal building systems to manage the use of energy over the whole complex.


world squares project

Andromeda Telematics is part of the team working with Foster and Partners on the telematic infrastructure of the'World Squares' millenium project. This project is reviewing the whole infrastructure from Trafalgar Square through to Parliament Square. The project is to develop an urban intranet for this area of London. It is hoped that there will be information on theatres,hotels, car rental, bus and underground times of arrival and departure all at the fingertips of people in the street. It is also hoped that tourists will be able to explore buildings close by through VRML and to see pictorially the history of the area around them.

Notable Clients Include

Foster and Partners

National Health Service

Siemens AG