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Window tinting film can be applied to any glass window, to reduce glare and fading, and to reduce energy costs. Glare and fading is reduced by window tinting films which will block up to 99% of ultra violet light. Window tinting film is mainly used to reduce energy costs in hot climates, where reduction in infra red transmissions, and thus in solar gain, can reduce the costs of air conditioning. A danger of applying a window film with too dark a tint is that it may cause occupants to use more electric lighting, thus increasing energy consumption in winter. Leading UK suppliers of window tinting film are profiled below the panel of sponsored links.



Solar Control: Window Tinting. Solar Control Ltd, based in Passfield, Hampshire, has been supplying and installing all types of window tinting film since 1992. Its product range is organised into the following categories: UV Window Film, Anti-Glare Film, Safety Window Film, Privacy Window Film, Window Tinting Film, Solar Inserts, Glass Window Film, Reflective Window Film, and Energy Saving Window Film. Window Tinting film can avoid fading of curtains and carpets by blocking 99% of harmful ultra-violet light. The Safety Window Film protects occupants and property in the event of a bomb blast; it does this by helping to hold the shards of glass together. It also slows down an intruder's ability to break a window for entry. Some safety bomb blast window films will also glare protection and privacy. The Energy Saving Window Film works by filtering out select wavelengths of the sun's infra-red radiation using ceramic and precious metal sputtering technology, while allowing a high amount of visible light to be transmitted.

Window Film Company: Window Tinting. The Window Film Company is a family business based in Chesham, Buckinghamshire. It offers a full design, supply and nationwide installation service for window tinting films, with many films carrying a ten year warranty when professional installed. The residential part of its website is organised into the following main sections, which reflect the applications and benefits of window tinting: Heat, Glare, Frosted Patterns, Privacy, Fading, Safety, and Security. Heat control window films can be applied to existing glass windows to reduce the solar effects from the sun. Slightly tinted films can reduce heat by up to 72%; virtually clear films can reduce heat by up to 43%. The most popular window films for preventing fading are UV Clear, Climate 70, and Climate Utra. All these window films are virtually clear, but reduce ultra violet rays by about 99%.


Guardian: Window Tinting. Guardian, based in Solihull, is a leading supplier and installer of window tinting film. In addition to residential customers, its client base includes hopsitals, schools, universities, commercial office, banks, and local authority properties all over the UK. The Guardian website explains four distinct areas of application of window tinting films. Firstly, Heat, Anti-Glare, Energy Control, and Carbon Footprint. A high reflective window film can reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 30%, since as much as 40% of the load placed on air conditioning systems arises from direct solar energy gain through windows. Privacy window film is available in a wide range of finishes including etched, sandblasted, and frosted glass effects, black-out, white-out opaque films, and reflective film. Guardian has installed specialist fade protection window films, specialist museum window films, and energy control window films throughout the UK, with every installation carrying a manufacturer-backed warranty for between 7 and 15 years.




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