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Annealed glass is the commonest type of window, in spite of its vulnerability to breakage. Safety window glasses are increasingly being specified. Ordinary laminated glass is, thickness for thickness, no stronger for window glass than annealed glass; its virtue is that broken shards tend to be held by the interlayer and, if recommended glazing techniques have been followed, the window glass should be retained until safe removal is possible. Wired window glass is weaker for glazing than unwired annealed window glass of the same thickness but, as with laminated glazing, the shards tend to be held. Leading UK suppliers of window glass are profiled below the panel of sponsored links.




Pilkington: Window Glass. Pilkington, based in St.Helens, and founded in 1826, is one of the world's largest manufacturers of glass. It has manufacturing operations in 24 countries and sales in 130 countries. It employs more than 23,000 people. In 2006 it was acquired by Nippon Sheet Glass of Japan. Pilkington makes a wide range of glass suitable for application in every part of the home and in commercial buildings. The Pilkington Activ range of window glass has self-cleaning properties; it uses the forces of nature to maintain its clear appearance without leaving unsightly streaks. It is available in Clear, Blue, and Neutral. The Blue and Neutral versions provide solar control in addition to self-cleaning. Pilkington energiKare glazing reduces energy bills by reducing heat loss and increasing solar gain. It is make up to wo special types of glass, low-emissivity Pilkington K Glass, and Pilkington Optiwhite, a special 'extra clear' glass which increases solar gain.  

Saint-Gobain: Window Glass. Saint-Gobain, headquartered in France, is a leading manufacturer of all types of window glass. The Saint Gobain website presents its home products in five sections related to their applications and benefits. These are: Save Time & Money on Window Cleaning, Maintain Total Comfort All Year Round, Noise Reduction, Safety & Security, Innovative Interior Design, and Control of Light & Privacy. Saint Gobain self-cleaning glass uses a transparent coating on the outside of the glass to harness the power of both sun and rain to remove dirt and grime. Exposure to the ultra violet rays of the sun triggers decomposition of organic dirt and prevents mineral dirt from adhering to the glass. It also turns it 'hydrophilic' meaning that when it rains the water sheets across the glass, without forming droplets. This rinses away the broken down dirty residues. Only a small amount of sunlight is needed, so the self-cleaning glass works even on cloudy days.




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