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Stair carpet is available for most types of carpet, including tufted carpets, and Axminster and Wilton. The stair carpet may be plain or patterned, but needs to be of good quality to resist the heavy staircase wear. Stair carpet is also available in natural materials including jute and sisal. Some firms specialise in the production of stair carpet (also known as stair runners). These stair carpets are often in striped designs which run vertically up the stairs, and may include borders and bound edgings. Numerous designs of brass, bronze and chrome stair carpet rods are also available. Leading UK suppliers of stair carpets are profiled below the panel of sponsored links.



Roger Oates: Stair Carpets. Roger Oates and his wife Fay have been designing and hand producing pure wool Venetian flatweave rugs and stair runners for over twenty years. They operate from their studio complex in Herefordshire, and also have a Chelsea showroom at Riley Street, London SW1. The business started when Roger and Fay Oates discovered a 19th century flatweave fragment in the late 1980s, and set out to re-invent this flooring. Designs are originated and coloured by Roger and Fay and the product process is run by craftsmen who finish by hand. Roger Oates supplies stair carpets in flatweave and also in Wilton carpet with cut and loop pile. Several of the stair carpets have a complementary 'border' and 'ground' design, which can be used together on staircases and landings. The stair carpet designs are presented on the website in four categories: Red, Neutral & Black, Blue & Green, and Multi & Bright. The Multi & Bright designs include many with narrow stripes running vertically up the staircase.

Axminster: Stair Carpets. Axminster Carpets manufactures authentic and traditional Axminster Carpets, incuding stair carpets, at its factory in the picturesque country town of Axminster in Dorset. The stair carpets are normally made of 100% wool, using eight pitch looms. They are produced by the company 'from fleece to floor'. Axminster Carpets spins its own yarn, and undertakes its own blending and dyeing. The stair carpet designs range from neutral colours to high fashion colours, through unusual textures and contemporary patterns, to antique style Axminster carpets in the grand French and Persian traditions. The website presents the Axminster range in three categories: Domestic, Commercial, and Transport. The Domestic range is grouped under the following headings: Plains, Textures, Contemporary Patterns, Elegance Patterns, and Classic Patterns.

Stair Heaven: Stair Carpet Fittings. The Stair Heaven website is owned and operated by Wilsdale Carpets of Auckland, Co.Durham. It supplies a very wide range of stair rods and other fittings for stair carpets. Its website is organised into the following sections: Premier Stair Rods, Vision Stair Rods, Country Stair Rods, Blacksmith Stair Rods, Crystal Stair Rods, Tudor Stair Rods, HP Stair Rods, Stargrip Stair Rods, Stair Clips, Skiffer Corner Protectors, Joints Thresholds, Easyrods, and Easystuds. The Premier Stair Rods are manufactured using traditional methods, with the finial lathed onto the rods. The stair rods are made of brass, with the following choice of finishes: Polished Brass, Satin Brass, Antique Brass, Chrome, Satin Nickel, Pewter, and Black. Blacksmith Stair Rods give a farmhouse or cottage look; they are available with ball, flat, or spear finials. Crystal stair rods have a faceted spherical glass finial, which may be in blue, pink, amber, or clear. 



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