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Strictly, the term stained glass should be used only to refer to hand painted and kiln-dried images on glass in leaded lights, such as the painted face of Jesus in a traditional church window. Stained glass of this kind requirse up to four applications of paint and kiln firing to achieve the effect. However the term stained glass is more commonly (if incorrectly) used to refer to leaded lights, which are made of individual pieces of coloured glass. Leaded lights are used to restore Victorian and Edwardian doors and windows, and to provide contemporary decorative windows. Leading suppliers of stained window glass are profiled below the panel of sponsored links. 




South London Stained Glass: Stained Window Glass. South London Stained Glass, based in London SE25, designs, produces, installs, and repairs stained glass and leaded lights. Made using the traditional methods, the stained glass is fully weather proof and may be used as normal external glazing as well as for interior decoration. It is usual for newly installed external stained glass windows to be fronted or backed up with clear laminated glass for additional security and support. Stained glass panels can also be hung, for decorative effect, in front of existing windows. South London Stained Glass works with lead cames and coloured glass, but by hand to the design, with lead joints fluxed, soldered together, and cemented in with a special putty. The lead parts are then finished with blacklead. This produces an authentic appearance which cannot be achieved with imitation stained glass in which self-adhesive lead strips are combined with coloured lacquers on single sheets of glass.

Redfern Stained Glass: Stained Window Glass. Redfern Stained Glass, based in Kenilworth, Warwickshire, practises the traditional craft of making stained glass and leaded light windows. The Refern Stained Glass website has sections covering the following styles: Victorian/Edwardian, Art Deco/Nouveau, 1930s, Contemporary. Other sections cover Restoration & Repairs, Price Guide, History of Glass, and Glass for Sale. The Victorian/Edwardian section explains that most Victorian houses had stained glass fanlights above the front door and ceramic tiles around the porch. On a sunny day, the walls inside were spashed with yellow, reds, blues, and greens. If the house had a vestible the inner door might also have stained glass panels, or panes frosted into patterns, often of flower and urns. The 1930s designs are typically geometric, with diagonal, circular, and sun-burst designs.


A Touch of Glass: Stained Window Glass. A Touch of Glass was founded in 1988, and is still run by, stained glass craftsman Graeme Stark. His website shows the great variety of high quality stained glass windows which he has produced over the years. Many of these are in traditional Victorian and Edwardian styles. Others are based on the designs of famous architects such as Charles Rennie Mackintosh or Frank Lloyd Wright. Some designs are inspired by contemporary artists. All the stained glass windows are made in the traditional way, using sheets of coloured lgass, strips of lead, solder, and a glass cuter and soldering iron. Graeme Stark visits customers' premises before the placing of an order, to take accurate sizes and discuss the project in detail. For greater strength and security, one or more rebars are fitted. These are steel rods 6mm to 8mm in diameter. Alternatively a sheet of toughtend glass can be fitted into the rebate directly in front of the stained glass.




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