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Sliding wardrobe doors can screen a small opening or the full length of a bedroom wall. They slide on steel top and bottom tracks, and are available in a wide range of finishes. Simple versions comprise single panel doors, with steel, aluminium, or medium density fibreboard (MDF) frames. The panels may be finished in a wide range of colours, or in special finishes such as leather-look and faux fur. Panels may also be made of mirror glass, obscured glass, white glass, or coloured glass. Panels may be divided horizontally into sub-panels of different colour or material. Leading UK suppliers of sliding wardrobe doors are profiled below the panel of sponsored links.




When choosing sliding wardrobe doors, there are three main considerations: the type of mechanism, the arrangement of the doors, and the style.


There are two main types of mechanism: bypass sliding wardrobe doors and bi-fold sliding wardrobe doors. By pass sliding wardrobe doors are vertical panels which slide past each other. They are normally hung from above, with a locator at the bottom of each panel to keep them in position. Alternatively they may run on bottom wheels, with locators at the top of the panels. Bi-fold sliding wardrobe doors are formed from vertical panels which are hinged together, and which open out in concertina fashion. The advantages of bypass sliding wardrobe doors are that they do not take up any space in the room, and their mechanism is simple and reliable. The advantage of bi-fold wardrobe doors is that they enable the whole of the wardrobe to be opened. By contrast, bypass sliding doors only allow part of the wardrobe to be opened at any one time. However, the mechanism for bi-fold doors is more complicated, and because the weight of each panel is only taken at one edge the mechanism is more likely to go wrong.


The arrangement of sliding wardrobe doors refers to the spacing and width of the doors, and the division of the wardrobe into units. Beware of very wide sliding wardrobe doors, which can be heavy to move. Bi-fold wardrobe doors should be kept narrow, to avoid undue strain on the hinges.


In terms of style, there are two main aspects. The first is the invisible versus the visible and the second is the traditional versus the contemporary. The invisible approach tries to make the sliding wardrobe doors as unobtrusive as possible, using simple designs and colours which blend into the general decoration of the room. The visible approach makes a feature of the wardrobe doors. In extreme cases this can turn the wardrobe doors into an enormous abstract work of art with bold colours and exotic textures.


Traditional sliding wardrobe doors will be of timber frame and panel construction, or will simulate this through decorative grooves on the panel. They may be of natural wood, but are more usually painted to coordinate with the room decor.


Contemporary sliding wardrobe doors are available in a wide range of bold, even colours and finishes. These include bright solid colours, in matt or gloss finish, white, black or mirror glass, and fabric textures such as faux suede. The sliding wardrobe doors typically cover a whole wall, and can make a spectacular design statement. 



Slide Wardrobes Direct: Sliding Wardrobe Doors. Slide Wardrobes Direct, based in Newak, Nottinghamshire, is a leading online supplier of sliding wardrobe doors. Its website is organised into the following sections: Minimalist Sliding Wardrobe Doors, Shaker Sliding Wardrobe Doors, Ellipse Sliding Wardrobe Doors, Linear Sliding Wardrobe Doors, Classic Single Panel Sliding Wardrobe Doors, End Panels, and Lighting & Accessories. Minimalist Sliding Wardrobe Doors are available in seven high gloss sliding glass door finishes and in mirror glass. The Shaker range offers three different wood effect frames. The Ellipse range has vertical frames with an elliptical section, providing a soft curved profile. Slide Wardrobes Direct also supplies Bedside Cabinet, Chests of Drawers, and  Wardrobe Storage Solutions.

Spaceslide Portico: Sliding Wardrobe Doors. Spaceslide Portico, founded in 2002, is a leading UK manufacturer of sliding wardrobe doors at its Walsall, West Midlands, factory. It supplies sliding wardrobe doors to seven of the top ten house builders. All sliding wardrobe doors are manufactured in-house on a made-to-order basis. The Spaceslide Galaxy sliding wardrobe doors are available in mirror, soft white glass, black glass, oak effect, and sandblasted glass. The Spaceslide Titan split-panel sliding wardrobe doors have doors which are split into three sections - top, middle, and bottom. A different material can be chosen for each section, for example soft white glass top and bottom, and black glass in the middle. The Spaceslide Minimia sliding wardrobe door offers a clean uninterrupted look, with a very narrow vertical line of just 5mm of anodised silver on each front face of the door panel. The doors are delivered direct to the customer's home and carry a ten year guarantee.


Deane Wardrobes: Sliding Wardrobe Doors. Deane Wardrobes is a family company specialising in fitted bedrooms and sliding wardrobe doors. It was founded in 1978 and is based in Southampton, Hampshire. Its online operation, Deane Direct, was launched in 1999 and supplies sliding wardrobe doors throughout the UK. The Deane sliding wardrobe door kits comprise the doors, top and bottom tracks, wall frames, and a floor plinth. Four styles of sliding wardrobe door are supplied. The cheapest is the Heritage range, which is steel framed. This has single section doors and is available in eight colours, mirror, solid wood colour panel doors, frosted mirror, or coloured glass. At mid price, the Metro and Manhattan ranges are aluminium framed. The most expensive is the Rio range, which has a substantial medium density fibreboard (MDF) frame. The Metro range has three-part panels, which can have different materials in each horizontal section.


Sliderobes: Sliding Wardrobe Doors. Sliderobes manufactures sliding wardrobe doors and sells them through 22 stores across the UK and Ireland. It was founded in Dublin in 1983. Sliderobes sliding wardrobe doors for bedrooms are organised into six ranges: New Collection, Contemporary Bedrooms, Oriental Bedrooms, Coloured Glass Bedrooms, Classic Bedrooms, and Children's Bedrooms. The New Collection sliding wardrobe doors offer an exotic choice of finishes including High Gloss Aubergine, Silver Mirror & Mock Leather, High Gloss Black, Faux Fur, Concrete Look & Orange Glass, Pure White Glass, Dark Red Glass, Wild Plum, and Black Sparkle Starlight Glass. The Contemporary Bedrooms range includes a 'Sun-Burst' style wardrobe, with the various materials spraying outward in tapered sections. The Oriental Bedrooms range offers doors with up to five horizontal sections. Colour schemes, which are muted, include Walnut Wood Look, White Glass, Beige Glass, and Cream Glass.





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