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Sliding doors may be used as exterior or interior doors. As exterior doors, they are fully glazed, with frames made from timber, aluminium, or UPVC, and are also known as patio doors. Aluminium exterior sliding doors are available powder-coated in a range of colours, and do not need painting. UPVC exterior sliding doors are available in colours and also in wood-effect colours with wood-grain texture. Internal sliding doors may slide along the face of the wall, or may slide away into the thickness of the wall. This ingenious arrangement is known as a pocket door. Leading UK suppliers of sliding doors and sliding door gear are profiled below the panel of sponsored links.




Sliding doors are used in three quite different applications: internal sliding doors, sliding wardrobe doors, and external sliding doors.


Internal sliding doors can be used in confined spaces, such as kitchens or larders, where there is not room for a conventional hinged door. They are typically fitted slide over the surface of the adjoining wall, with their sliding door gear concealed by a wooden pelmet. They are ugly but practical. A much more elegant form of internal sliding door is the pocket door. These slide discreetly into the thickness of the wall, and are often fitted in pairs. They have the advantage over hinged doors that they do not take any space with their swing, and do not obstruct the walls when opened. However, they are only practicable if built into the wall during construction; it is not practical to add them later.


Sliding wardrobe doors are widely used for fitted bedroom cupboards. They are of two types: bypass sliding doors and bifold sliding doors. Bypass sliding doors run on parallel tracks, and slide over each other. Normally it is possible to open only one half or one third of the opening at a time. By contrast bifold doors fold outward in concertina fashion, enabling the whole of the wardrobe space to be opened. Compared to bypass sliding doors their disadvantages are that they take up some space as they swing out into the room, and their mechanism is less reliable and robust compared to that of a bypass sliding door. An enormous variety of finishes is available for sliding wardrobe doors, including wood veneer, plastic laminate in a range of colours and textures, suede-look, and obscured, white, or black glass.


External sliding doors are also known as patio doors. They are normally fully glazed, with frames of timber, aluminium or UPVC. Like sliding wardrobe doors, they are available in both bypass and bifold forms. The great advantage of the bifold external door is that it can open right back, allowing space and air to flow between the room and the garden or terrace. Since they normally fold outward, they do not take up any more space within the room. They can be supplied with one panel taking the form of a conventional hinged door.




P.C.Henderson: Sliding Doors. P.C.Henderson, based in Bowburn, County Durham, is a leading UK manufacturer of sliding gear systems for domestic, commercial and industrial applications involving sliding doors. Its systems have been designed to allow not just sliding doors, but almost any object to slide. Founded in 1921, with a staff of just three, P.C.Henderson's first products where hay carriers and sliding door gear for the agricultural sector. Today P.C.Henderson manufactures five types of sliding door gear: Straight Sliding, End Folding, Centre Folding, Round the Corner, and Multidirectional. End Folding and Centre Folding refers to whether the panels are attached to the horizontal rail from which they hang at their edges or centres. Multidirectional sliding doors are those which can be steered into a choice of tracks. Sliding door gear can move wardrobe doors, glass panels, timber doors, warehouse doors, shop fronts and gates from one position to another.


Eclisse: Sliding Doors. Eclisse, based in Treviso, Italy, is Europe's largest manufacturer of sliding pocket door systems. These are sliding door systems, intended mainly for use as internal doors, which enable the door to slide away into the thickness of the wall. This creates a clean opening, and avoids the sliding door obscuring any part of the wall. Eclisse argues that is sliding pocket doors create a feeling of increased space and increased light, as the door no longer intrudes into the room space. The Eclisse range of sliding pocket doors is organised into three categories: Single Sliding Doors, Double Sliding Doors, Syntesis Sliding Doors (which, with no jambs or architraves, create a minimalist look), Telescopic Sliding Doors, and Curved Sliding Doors. All Eclisse sliding pocket doors comprise a self-aligning track syste, a self-centering frame mounted gide, adjustable runner stops, and anti-warp profiles. The door jambs are of veneered wood, and the runners are tested to 150,000 cycles, equivalent to more than thirty years of use.


Everest: Sliding Doors. Everest, based in Potters Bar, is a leading UK maker of home improvement products including double glazing and sliding patio doors. Everest sliding patio doors are available in UPVC or aluminium, and may be finished in wide range of colours. They require minimum maintenance; all that is needed is to wipe the door with a damp cloth. The sliding patio doors are glazed doors which are double draught-proofed and provided with double or triple glazing. They typically have one fixed panel and one sliding panel, although up to four panels can be provided for larger openings. Everest sliding patio doors have a low threshold and are designed to provide easy access for the disabled. All Everest patio doors are made to measure for the individual customer. They carry a 10 year guarantee on materials and craftsmanship. Other Everest products include garage doors, windows, doors, conservatories, and kitchens.




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