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Shower trays are available in a range of shapes and designs. Most are made from stone resin, with up to 80% of the material being stone. In some shower trays the stone resin has a plastic outer shell of ABS. This tough outer surface is resistant to impact and chemicals, and is warm to the touch. Tiling Upstand shower trays have a vertical upstand along each edge, over which the tiling can overlap; this provides a superior waterproof seal with the wall. Some shower trays provide a 'walk-on' waste, or a waste which takes the form of a slit around the inside edges of the shower tray. Leading UK suppliers of shower trays are profiled below the panel of sponsored links.




MX Group: Shower Trays. MX Group is a leaidng UK manufacturer of shower trays and shower accessories. It is based in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, where it has a 45,000 sq.ft. production facility for shower trays. It also manufactures a range of shower accessories at a production facility at Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire. MX Group produces six shapes of shower tray: Square, Rectangle, Quadrant, Offset Quadrant, Pentangle (five-sided corner shower tray), and Offset Pentangle. Each of these shapes is available in various designs, including: Flat Top, Low Profile Flat Top, Tiling Upstand, and Less Abled. Tiling Upstand Shower Trays have a vertical upstand flange along all sides of the shower tray. This allows for better water seal when installing,b ecause the shower tray can be recessed into the wall, and the tiling can overlap the upstand, providing an excellent waterproof seal. Tiling Upstand Shower Trays are particularly suitable for new-build installations, and are recommended by building regulations. MX shower trays are made of stone resin, within in some cases an acrylic capped ABS outer shell.

Daryl: Shower Trays. Daryl is a British manufacturer of bathroom shower fittings including shower trays. In 2005 it was became part of Kohler Mira Ltd, an international group headquartered in the USA. The Daryl range of low profile shower trays gives a minimalist wet-room look. The Daryl Low Profile Quadrant shower tray features a 'walk-on' waste with a smooth circular cover plate, and strong laminated construction. The High flow vortex waste has a self-cleaning action. The incorporation of Biocote reduces bacterial and mould growth by up to 99.9%. Available in white, sizes are 800mm by 800mm or 900mm by 900mm. Extended versions up to 1200mm long are also available. The Daryl Weir Shower Tray has an unusual design with no visible waste. Designed for use with walk-in shower enclosures, it features a square flush fit platform, with a slid on all four sides which leads to the waste.


Aqualux: Shower Trays. Aqualux of the UK is a subsidiary of AFG Arbonia-Forster-Holding AG of Switzerland. It is a leading maker of shower equipment, including shower trays. The shower trays section of the Aqualux website is organised into the following categories: Square Shower Trays, Quadrant Shower Trays, Rectangle Shower Trays, Off-set Quadrant Shower Trays, D-Shape Quadrant Shower Trays, Bow Front Shower Trays, and Teardrop Quadrant Shower Trays. These designs come in three main ranges: Tuff-Stone resin shower trays; Tuff-Lite Shower Trays, which are 70% lighter than stone shower trays; Tuff-Max Shower Trays. The Tuff-Max Easy Plumb shower trays are supplied complete with legs, clips, skirt, and waste. Tuff-Stone Shower Trays are of heavy weight design, and are resin-filled for strength. They contain a minimum of 80% stone, and have a slip-resistant surface. They feature removable front and side panels to provide access to plumbing, and galvanised adjustable feet. 




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