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Shower screens are of two types: those fitted over the edge of the bath, and full-height shower screens forming self-contained shower enclosures. There are two main forms of construction: glass contained within aluminium frames (which may be chrome, white or gold in finish) or more expensive and elegant frameless glass shower screens, normally with chrome-plated brass clips and hinges. Standard shower screens are normally of clear or frosted glass. Custom-designed shower screens can be tinted or sandblasted with any graphic or pictorial design of the customer's choice. Leading UK suppliers of shower screens are profiled below the panel of sponsored links.




Matki: Shower Screens. Matki is a leading manufacturer of high quality shower enclosures, including shower screens. It specialises in shower screens of simple, contemporary design made from frameless glass panels. The Matki Eleganza bath screen comprises a fixed single glass panel and a hinged glass panel, all of 8mm toughened safety glass. The hinged panel is fitted with an integral drip channel, and operates on chrome-plated solid brass hinges to provide a bone dry watertight seal. Eauzone Plus Hinged Bath Screens are similar to the Eleganza model, but have 10mm toughened safety glass. The Matki Bath Shield is a narrow curved glass shower screen designed for use with a shower curtain. It prevents water escaping from the joint between the wall and the shower curtain. Matki also offers a range of full shower enclosures including walk-in shower enclosures and wet room shower screens.

Aqualux: Shower Screens. Aqualux, which is part of AFG Arbonia-Forster-Holding AG of Switzerland, is one of the UK's largest manufacturers of shower enclosures including shower screens. The Aqualux portfolio of shower enclosure products ranges from the economical Euro and Aquarius ranges through the middle market Aquanos and El;ite ranges up to the more luxurious AquaSpace, Pura, and Steam Cabin ranges. Aqualux shower screens may be searched by type as well as by product range. Types of shower screen include: Curved Shower Screens, Folding Shower Screens, Sliding Shower Screens, Square Shower Screens, Oval Shower Screens, and Radius Shower Screens. Other type include Sail, 4-Fold, 7-Fold, Half Framed Stepped, and Half Framed Radius. The 7-Fold shower screen is in the form of a folding concertina, with narrow vertical glass panels in aluminium frames.  


Go Glass: Shower Screens. Go Glass, based in Cambridge, supplies a wide variety of glass bath screens and shower enclosures. All are made to order, and can be supplied in any size or shape. Projects include hinged doors, in-line and square shower enclosures, and bath and wet room screens. All shower screens are made from toughened safety glass, with fittings that are guaranteed not to rust or tarnish, and waterproof doors with translucent sealing strips. Glass shower screens are available in etched, clear, or tintend glass, or with a sandblasted glass design. Any design of the customer's choice, including images and decorative lettering, can be applied to sandblasted glass shower screens. All shower screens are available with 'Clear Shield' easy clean coating. This reduces the build up of lime-scale and keeps the glass looking like new. 




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