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There are two main types of shower cubicle. Self contained shower cubicles provide complete enclosure on all four sides, and are typically silicone-free. These shower cubicles are less prone to leaks than a conventional shower enclosure. Conventional shower cubicles comprise one, two, or three glass sides, on of which will form an opening door. These cubicles are fitted up against tiled walls, either a single wall, in a corner, or in a recess. Joints to the wall are sealed with silicone. The frames of shower cubicles are made of aluminium, with chrome, white, or gold finish. Leading UK suppliers of shower cubicles are profiled below the panel of sponsored links.




Aqualux: Shower Cubicles. Aqualux is a leading UK manufacturer of all types of shower surrounds, including shower cubicles. Aqualux supplies shower enclosures, bath screens, steam cabins, shower cubicles, and shower trays to domestic DIY, mail order, and distributor markets. Aqualux is part of the Heating Technology & Sanitary Equipment Division of AFG Arbonio-Forster-Holding AG of Switzerland, one of Europe's largest suppliers of bathroom and kitchen equipment. The Aqualux range of shower cubicles includes: Bi-fold Shower Cubicles, Bow Front Shower Cubicles, Corner Entry Shower Cubicles, Pivot Door Shower Cubicles, Frameless Shower Cubicles, Quadrant Shower Cubicles, Sliding Door Shower Cubicles, Walk Around Shower Enclosures, Wet Floor Shower Cubicles, and D-Shape Shower Cubicles. Finishes for metal parts include white and polished silver; glass may be clear or frosted.

Kinedo: Shower Cubicles. Kinedo manufactures a range of shower enclosures, including shower cubicles, shower doors, wet room panels, and easy-to-install silicone-free shower cubicles. It also supplies shower columns for in-shower applications. The Kinedo shower cubicles range includes: Capricorn Bi-fold Door, Capricorn Inline Panel, Capricorn Side Panel, Capricorn Sliding Door, Capricorn Telescopic Pivot door, Capricorn XL Sliding Door, Kinechrome Bi-fold Door, Kinechrome Corner Entry, Kinechrome Pivot, Kinechrome Quad, and Kinechrome Slider. Kinedo offers several self contained shower cubicles. These are silicone-free, and provide complete enclosure on all four sides. They may be fitted against a wall, into a corner, or in a recess. All frames are in aluminium with white or polished silver finish. The Kinedo Wet Room Panels are a family of doorless enclosures.


Plumbworld: Shower Cubicles. Plumbworld, based in Evesham, Worcestershire, is one of the UK's leading retailers of bathroom fittings, including shower cubicles. The section of the Plumbworld website dealing with shower enclosures is organised into the following categories: Shower Enclosure Packs (with tray & waste), Shower Enclosure Doors & Side Panels, Walk In Shower Enclosures, Bathroom Suites with Shower EnclosureSteam Cabins, Over Bath Shower Screens, Shower Trays, Shower Enclosure Accessories & Spares, and Shower Curtains. Leading manufacturers represented by Plumbworld include Hydrolux, Coram, and Aqualux. The Shower Enclosure Packs section covers five types of shower cubicle: Pivot Shower Enclosures, Bi-fold Shower Enclosures, Quadrant Shower Enclosures, Corner Entry Shower Enclosures, and Sliding Shower Enclosures. The operation of each of these is shown in animated images. 




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