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The design of the sliding sash window is attributed to Robert Hooke, the English scientist. The earliest examples appeared in the 1670s, and sash windows remained very popular throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The most popular design was 'six over six' in which each sash had two rows of three glass panes, separated by narrow glazing bars. Several companies now make traditional sash windows, which exactly match the original appearance, but are updated to incorporate double glazing, security, and draught proofing. Cheaper UPVC sash windows are also available. Leading UK suppliers of sash windows are profiled below the panel of sponsored links. 




Original Box Sash Windows Company: Sash Windows. The Original Box Sash Windows Company was formed in 1980 and in 1987 established a bespoke production facility in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales. All the company's sash windows are made of hardwood from sustainable sources, without the use of chemical preservatives. The company manufactures traditional sliding sash windows, with boxes for the weights, pulleys and cords. They are designed to look exactly like the original sash windows. All sash windows are made to order, and complex designs, such as windows with semi-circular tops, can be accommodated. The sash windows have noise and dust proofing, and use energy efficient ultra-slim sealed glazing units. All glazing bars are made of wood. A choice of waxed, stained, or painted finishes is available. A telephone advice line is available for customer seeking guidance on sash windows.

Ventrolla: Sash Windows. Ventrolla, based in Harrogate, Yorkshire, has for 25 years specialised in the repair, restoration, and upgrading of sash windows. Ventrolla argue that traditional sash windows are an essential feature of a period building's character, and that it is vital to retain them, not only for aesthetic reasons, but also because they add value to the property. The Ventrolla restoration and upgrade service overcomes sash window problems such as draughts, rattles, rot, and operating problems. To achieve performance upgrade, Ventrolla rout grooves out of the mid rail and the bottom rail. Pile carriers and the correct sized Weatherfin Pile are then installed, making the seal an integral part of the window. New Parting and Staff Beads that incorporate the Weatherfin Pile complete the seal. The process seals all gaps around the windows, producing a fully sealed yet smoothly operating sash window. The Ventrolla upgrade can also be applied to casement windows.


Everest: Sash Windows. Everest, based in Potters Bar, is a leading UK manufacturer of home improvement products including sash windows. Everest sash windows are available in timber and UPVC. There is a choice of traditional cords-and-weights or spiral balance operation. Other windows supplied by Everest include: Casement Windows, Cottage Windows, Dual Turn Windows, Tilt and Turn Windows, Secondary Windows, and Fully Reversible Windows. The Cottage Double Glazed Windows are made from UPVC and have traditional glazing bars which are internally and externally applied. The Dual Turn Double Glazed Windows are made of timber, and give the appearance of traditional sash windows. The sashes swing around completely, so that the outside surfaces can be cleaned from the inside of the house. Everest Tilt and Turn Double Glazed Windows can be opened at the top for ventilation, or can be swung inward on side hinges.




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