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Rubber flooring provides an easily cleaned and hygienic surface which is comfortable to the foot. Rubber flooring is used in institutions and also in contemporary interiors. Most rubber flooring is made from synthetic SBR, known as 'industrial rubber'. This is a synthetic product made from petrochemicals. Some firms do supply natural rubber flooring; this is more environmentally friendly than synthetic rubber, because the rubber trees extract CO2 from the atmosphere. Natural rubber flooring is usually reinforced with carbon and treated with antioxidants to give longer life. Leading UK suppliers of rubber flooring are profiled below the panel of sponsored links.  


Dalsouple. Dalsouple is a leading manufacturer of rubber flooring. It supplies a wide range of rubber flooring, in sheet and tiles, made of either synthetic or natural rubber. Dalsouple rubber is free from PVC, cfcs, asbestos, halogens, formaldehyde and plasticisers. Dalsouple's DalNatural range is made from natural rubber, and is 90% natural in its materials. It provides the same quality and performance as synthetic rubber, but with substantial environmental advantages. The Dalsouple website presents its rubber flooring in three categories: Indoor, Outdoor, and Sport. The Indoor rubber flooring category consists of eight ranges. These include the basic DalUni range of smooth rubber flooring, which is available in 80 colours. The DalTex range offers 26 textured finishes, including raised circles, raised squares, and chequerboard ridged designs. DalMarbre offers 10 marble finishes, and DalTerrazzo offer terrazzo style patterns made to the customer's specification.

VIP-Polymers, of Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, is a leading manufacturer of rubber flooring. The rubber flooring is available in four thicknesses, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm and 6mm, and in five finishes: Round Finish, Square Finish, Hammer Finish, Vitrea, and Fleck. The first three of these are available in twenty colours, including Charcoal, Dark Grey, Sage, Navy, Teal, Rope, and Khaki. Three thicknesses are available: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm and 6mm. Rubber flooring is exceptionally durable, with exceptional wear resistance, resistance to cigarette burns, and resistance to dents from impacts. The natural elasticity of rubber means that most scratches and abrasions are self-healing. The rubber flooring will not crack on bending, and can be applied on curved and angled surfaces. VIP-Polymers argues that other benefits of rubber flooring include anti-slip, fire safety, sound proofing, and ease of installation and maintenance.

The Rubber Flooring Company. The Rubber Flooring Company, based in Nelson, Lancashire, manufactures and supplies from stock rubber floor tiles and sheet rubber flooring. Its rubber flooring is made from a combination of synthetic rubber, natural rubber, and recycled rubber. It argues that rubber flooring is one of the most practical forms of flooring, with its softness to the foot, its impact absorbency, resistance to fading, and resistance to cigarette burns and damage. The domestic section of its website is organised into the following sections: Grid Tile, Round Stud Tile, Solid Smooth Tile, Slate Effect Tile, Adhesives, and Cleaning Products. The classic Round Stud Tile is available in 18 colours, including bold colours such as Bright Red, Saffron, and Peppermint Green. The rubber flooring tiles are 500mm by 500mm, and 2.7mm thick. The minimum order is one tile. The Solid Smooth Sheet rubber flooring is supplied in rolls 1.9m wide and 10m long. The minimum order is 1 linear metre. 



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