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Antique pine doors are available from several specialist suppliers who undertake the stripping of such doors, in a caustic solution, and their repair and restoration. Some of these doors have original glazed panels, either in plain glass or in coloured stained glass. New pine doors may either be made of engineered wood, with pine veneer applied, or may be made from solid pine. In both cases the upper panels, or all panels, may be glazed. Victorian style pine doors have four or six panels, arranged in pairs. 1930s style pine doors have an upper square panel and three vertical panels below. Leading UK suppliers of pine doors are profiled below the panel of sponsored links.




Pine is an ideal material for internal woodwork such as doors, window frames, panelling, floors and roofing. Grown in commercial plantations, it is denser, more resinous, and more durable than spruce. Because pine does not resist insects and decay, it is not recommended for external doors. Pine doors accept a wide variety of finishes, including paint, stain, lacquer and varnish. Unlike some hardwoods, paints and stains do not raise the grain of pine. But it is important to seal knots in pine before painting to avoid bleeding of resin to the finished surface.

Reclaimed pine doors, with their exposed grain and authentic texture, are an attractive option for period properties. Painted pine doors from demolished buildings are stripped by specialist firms in a caustic solution. The residue of the paint is removed using pressure water jets. The stripped doors are then left to dry slowly and naturally, to minimise shrinkage. They are then placed in a de-humidified storage area until they are completely dry. Repairs are then undertaken, and holes or damaged areas are replaced with matching old pine. The door is then sanded ready for wax or lacquer finish. To get the best from a reclaimed pine door it is important to use appropriate door furniture, preferably authentic door furniture from the period. The most appropriate type of door handle for reclaimed pine doors is a door knob, either in hardwood, ceramic, brass or bronze. Avoid stainless steel or aluminium door furniture, and avoid lever handles, which are completely inappropriate.


New internal pine doors are available in a wide range of traditional designs, of which the most common is the Victorian-style framed door with four panels arranged as two pairs. Larger pine doors may have six panels. An alternative design, widely used in the 1920s and 1930s has a square upper panel, and three narrow vertical panels below. The upper panel may be glazed. Standard sizes for internal pine doors are 24, 27, 28, or 30 inches wide by 78 inches high. Larger sizes are available from some suppliers, for example doors which are 24.5, 28.5, or 32.5 inches wide by 80.25 inches high. Pine doors can be trimmed by up to a quarter of an inch all round without impairing their strength. With a wax or lacquer finish, internal pine doors give a light look, and can add a lot of character to a room. Pine doors with a clear finish are also extremely practical compared to painted doors; this is because they do not suffer from paint chipping off, and the grain absorbs scratches and dents. This is really important in a family home, where internal doors suffer from tremendous wear and tear.   




Country Doors: Pine Doors. Country Doors, is based near Tring, Hertfordshire, and has been operating for over 20 years. It specialises in the manufacture of hand made pine interior and external doors. The pine interior doors, which are made from kiln dried timber, are suitable for a wide range of buildings from period town houses to country cottages. They are made by hand to the customer's specific requirements, in order to achieve an exact fit into existing doorways. The pine doors are suitable for painting, or for waxing to give a natural look. There are four main styles of pine door: Ledge Doors, Ledge & Brace Doors, and Four Panel Doors, and Stable Doors. Ledge Doors are made from vertical pine planks, held together with three horizontal rails fixed to the back of the door. Ledge & Brace Doors are similar, but with additional diagonal rails for extra strength. Four Panel Doors are Victorian-style, with panels fitted into a strong solid pine frame. Stable doors can open in two parts.


Preston Old Pine Doors: Pine Doors. Preston Old Pine Doors Ltd, based in Preston, Lancashire, is a family business which specialises in the stripping and restoration of antique pine doors. The company carries a large stock of over 1,000 pine doors, in numerous different period styles, and with two, four, or six panels. Various beadings and a range of old door fixtures and fittings are available. The company also offers a door restoration and finishing service to owners of old doors needing attention. All repairs and made using old wood; this is reclaimed pine, mostly from demolished churches. Old pine doors are stripped in a caustic solution. The residue is then removed using pressure washing. The stripped pine doors are left to dry slowly and naturally to avoid shrinkage, and are then placed in a storage area which is dehumidified until the drying process is finished. Next any repairs are undertaken, using matching old pine. The pine door is then sanded ready to be waxed or lacquered. 


Direct Doors: Pine Doors. Direct Doors, based in Edinburgh and near Cambridge, retails all types of doors through its 46 depots across the UK. Its product range includes composite doors, fire doors, flush doors, glazed doors, oak doors, pine doors, and plywood doors. Direct Doors supplies two types of pine door: Veneered Pine Doors and Solid Pitch Pine Doors. The Veneered Pine Doors are available in traditional Victorian style with four panels, or in 1930s style with a single upper square panel and three vertical panels below. These doors are made from solid sections of timber which is then over veneered. The Solid Pitch Pine Doors are made from solid sections of pitch pine timber, using traditional mortice and tenon joints. Panels may be glazed instead of solid. Pitch pine doors can be waxed or stained, but it is advisable not to wax the inside of any pitch pine doors that are fitted to a bathroom. External pitch pine doors can be triple-glazed for maximum energy efficiency.




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