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Parquet flooring is made up of wood blocks, typically 230mm by 70mm in plan, and 20mm thick. Traditionally, parquet flooring blocks had straight edges. To avoid shifting and lifting, modern parquet flooring blocks have a tongue and groove edge. The traditional pattern for laying parquet flooring is the herringbone. Other patterns include basket weave and ladder.  The most common timbers used for parquet flooring are Oak and Pitch Pine. Other timbers include Iroko, Maple, Teak and Wenge. Reclaimed parquet flooring is available; it makes a floor with great character. Leading UK suppliers of parquet flooring are profiled below the panel of sponsored links. 


Naturally Wood: Parquet Flooring. Naturally Wood of Loughton, Essex, specialises in the supply of parquet flooring, including decorative parquet wood borders. It is a family business with roots in the hardwood floors industry of the early 1900s. To provide a wide range of colours for decorative parquet, Naturally Wood supplies parquet flooring in a variety of exotic hardwoods including Black Cherry, Black Walnut, Maple, Jatoba, Padouk, Panga Panga, and Wenge. Naturally Wood advises that very hard woods, which are extremely durable, provide the best parquet flooring for children's areas and kitchens, whereas more subtle hard wood is better for living areas where appearance is more important than wear. In addition to parquet blocks, Naturally Wood can supply a range of parquet wood geometric borders which emphasise the shape of the room and give an individual look.

Victorian Woodworks: Parquet Flooring. Victorian Woodworks has specialised for more than fifteen years in the supply and installation of reclaimed flooring, including parquet flooring. It has its showroom and sawmill near Upminster. Victorian Woodwords offers reclaimed parquet flooring in Pitch Pine Woodblock, Maple Woodblock, English Oak Woodblock, and Mninga Woodblock. It also supplies steps, stairs, bead and butt, and panelling. Victorian Woodworks is experienced in supplying parquet floors which accurately reflect period styles including Baroque, Rococo, Regency, Georgian, Victorian, Arts & Crafts, and Edwardian. Parquet flooring is offered in a wide range of geometric patterns including: Herringbone, Chevron, Stab Parquet, Pointe de Honarie, Parquet de Versailles, Parquet de Chantilly, Maiche, Tile & Lattice, Ladder, Ration, and Brick Block. Victorian Woodworks also supplies reclaimed wood flooring boards and beams.

Weldon: Parquet Flooring. Weldon Contracts Ltd of Norton Disney, Licolnshire, is a specialist in the supply and installation of very high quality parquet flooring. The company was founded twenty years ago by Jasper Weldon, who had trained as a furniture maker. All the floors made by Weldon are bespoke. Weldon has particular expertise in the creation of elaborate marquetry flooring, as used in stately homes a yachts. Weldon offers a design service, providing CAD drawings to 1mm tolerance. It has a large library of parquet flooring designs, dating back to the launch of parquet flooring in the 17th century at the Palace of Versailles. Weldon have carried out parquet flooring projects in some of the most prestigious historic properties in the UK, including Blenheim Palace, Buckingham Palace, the National Gallery, the Victoria & Albert Museum, and Windsor Castle. 



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