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There are four main types of oak door: ledged oak doors, ledged & braced oak doors, ledged braced & framed oak doors, and panel oak doors. Ledged oak doors have vertical oak planks, with three horizontal oak rails fixed to the back of the door to hold the planks together. Braces are diagonal rails between the horizontal rails. Framed oak doors have a frame, with a panel of vertical planks within. Panel oak doors have an outer frame, with vertical and horizontal rails dividing the door into panels. The panels are slotted into the framing. Oak doors are available in light, medium, and dark stain. Leading UK suppliers of oak doors are profiled below the panel of sponsored links.



Oak is an extremely dense, hard, wood which withstands fungal and insect attack. It was used throughout Europe for hundreds of years for constructing and fitting out buildings, and for constructing ships. It is still occasionally used for traditional style timber-framed buildings; its widest use today is for furniture and for floorings, windows, and oak doors. Oak doors are particularly appropriate in period and rustic style properties, although the wood does also lend itself to plain modern doors either in solid form or as a wood veneer.


The highest quality oak is found in northern Europe; this is regarded as superior to American, Russian, or Chinese oak. The quality of the oak is also affected by the land on which it is grown. Oak which is grown slowly on high, well-drained land has the finest grain and is of best quality. It is easiest to work, and is least likely to swell or shrink in damp conditions. Oaks which are grown in low land which floods are likely to have a much coarser grain.


The most common use of interior oak doors is in cottage style properties, where they will sometimes be fitted with traditional hand-forged T hinges, and lifting latches. One face of these oak doors will be formed from vertical oak planks, usually with tongue-and-groove joints. The reverse side carries horizontal ledges or rails, which hold the vertical planks together. These can be supplemented with diagonal braces, which prevent the door twisting or sagging. Instead of plank construction, internal oak doors can also be supplied in frame and panel construction, with either four or six panels. The standard sizes for internal oak doors, whether of planked or frame and panel construction, are 6ft 6ins high, and 2ft 3ins, 2ft 6ins, or 2ft 9ins wide.


The most common type of external oak door is a high quality front door. This may be of frame and panel construction, with one or more panels glazed. Or it may be of more rustic plank construction. In that case it should be ledged, braced, and framed; this means it has on the inside a horizontal ledge, with diagonal braces, and a sturdy frame with mortice and tenon joints all round the edge. Standard external oak doors are usually 44mm thick, and are available in heights of either 6ft 6ins or 6ft 8ins, and widths of 2ft 8ins, 2ft 9ins, or 3ft. Bespoke external oak doors can be supplied at higher cost. They may incorporate vertical fixed glazed panels to either side of the door. External oak doors need treatment; for example Impranol is a decorative wood dressing which gives resistance to UV, good penetration and protection against bluestain and mould. It uses a vegetable-based binding agent.



Sabrina: Oak Doors. Sabrina, based on the banks of the River Severn in Shrewsbury, specialises in the manufacture of traditional hand-craft oak doors, for internal and external use. The name Sabrina derives from that of the goddess of the river. Oak 'straight from the tree' is machined, assembled and finished entirely on the Sabrina premises. Visits by customers to the Sabrina workshops are welcomed - a guided tour is provided. The Sabrina range of internal oak doors encompasses classical, medieval, and simple contemporary designs. The Trade Oak Doors range are simple rustic-style oak doors with vertical planking and three horizontal ledges fixed to the back of the door. All internal oak doors can be finished in dark, medium or natural stain, or with the special Sabrina antique finish. All interior doors are then hand polished and waxed.

Acorn Doors: Oak Doors. Acorn Doors, which is based at Itchen Abbas, Winchester, is an example of a small specialist form making high quality hardwood doors, including oak doors, to order. Acorn Doors was set up in 1986 by Mike Lawrence and his son Paul. All Acorn exterior doors are made from solid hardwood, supplied from renewable sources. There is a selection of 30 standard door styles, ranging from the historical to the modern, and Acorn will also make bespoke designs to order. Most of the doors are in Oak; other options include Tulipwood, Sapele, and Ash. Acorn Doors can supply doors which exactly match existing those in listed buildings. Where there is a requirement for fire doors in a historic building, Acorn Doors can produce panelled fire doors which meet the standards of FD30. All Acorn doors are traditionally made, to any size, using mortice and tenon joints, to provide a perfect match with original doors.




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