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There is a huge range of kitchen storage solutions, many of which are offered online by specialist storage retailers. Most of the kitchen storage solutions are designed to sit on the worktop, to sit within kitchen cabinets, or to be clipped over the doors or drawers in fitted kitchens. One of the leading suppliers of kitchen storage has as its motto 'A place for everything and everything in its place'. Examples include handy free standing kitchen storage shelves to be placed inside cabinets to increase their capacity; numerous baskets, bins and kitchen storage jars; and drawer dividers and racks. Leading UK suppliers of kitchen storage are profiled below the panel of sponsored links.




There are three main kinds of kitchen storage: kitchen storage units, free-standing kitchen storage units, and storage fittings that can go inside cupboards and drawers.


The two key principles in choosing kitchen storage units are that you should provide plenty of storage - you can't have too much of it - and that the storage should be easily accessible. To make the kitchen storage easily accessible, make sure that shelves are not too high, and that cupboards and shelves are not too deep. Avoid low level cupboards below work surfaces, and go for deep drawers instead - they are much easier to get at. And for higher level kitchen storage cupboards avoid sliding doors, which can only be opened half at a time. It's much better to have hinged or tambour doors which can open up a whole run of cupboard.


The most common type of free-standing kitchen storage is the butcher's trolley. Made of hardwood, these comprise a sturdy chopping surface supported on a strong frame with castors. Below the chopping surface there are shelves, which may contain drawers, and wicker or wire storage baskets. A butcher's trolley gives character to a kitchen, provides extra work surface and kitchen storage, and can be easily parked in any spare space. A typical example is the Eddington Lambourn butcher's trolley, supplied by John Lewis. Made of beech, it has two utensil drawers, two steel towel rails, one slatted shelf, one solid shelf, two baskets, and lockable heavy duty castors. It is 90cm high, 90cm wide, and 60cm deep, equivalent to conventional kitchen units. Another type of free-standing kitchen storage unit is the baker's rack. This is usually tall, with sides and shelves made of metal open-work. It can be used for practical storage, but also for displaying more decorative kitchen items such as jars, vases, and copper pans. Smaller free-standing metal storage racks are available for ventilated vegetable storage.


There is a bewildering variety of storage fittings, for keeping this organised and making best use of space in cupboards and drawers. These include dividers for use in cutlery drawers, small mezzanine racks providing additional storage space within cupboards, sink racks, towel racks, and spice racks. There is also a huge range of sealable storage jars and boxes, in glass, ceramic, and plastic.




Store: Kitchen Storage. Store is a leading retailer of storage solutions, including kitchen storage. It operates online, and from its store in Queen Street, Chester. Store's motto is: 'A place for everything, and everything in its place'. The Store website covers six types of kitchen storage: Sink Area Organisation, Wine Racks & Wine Storage, Worktop & Cupboard Organisation, Canisters Baskets Jars & Bins, Spice Racks & Condiment Storage, and Space Saving Furniture. The Store product range includes colourful designer items. For example, its range of Sink Area Organisation products includes: Bamboo Glass Drying Rack, Funky Danish Washing Up Bowl, Brightly Coloured Propeller Hooks, and Designer Washing-Up Liquid Bottle. More utilitarian items include: Over Cabinet Kitchen Roll Holder, Over Cabinet Deep Basket, Compact Dishrack, Sink Dishrack, and Drawer Organiser Sets.

Lakeland: Kitchen Storage. Lakeland, based in Windemere and Kendal, Cumbria, was founded by Alan Rayner in 1963. An animal feed salesman, he started a mail order business supplying polythene bags for packing poultry. Operating from the garage of their home, they expanded their product range into housewares, and soon found that kitchen accessories were outselling everything else. Lakeland, which is now run by Alan's three sons, now has 4,000 products in its range, including many kitchen storage products. It sells online, and from more than 40 stores around the UK. Lakeland offers more than 40 products in its kitchen storage range. These include: Storage Caddies, Over-Drawer Hooks, Sink Tidies, Bakeware Organisers, Handy Shelves, Dish Drainers, Clip-On Tea Towel Loops, Nestable Lock & Lock Plastic Containers, and Expanding Kitchen Drawer Tidies.


The Holding Company: Kitchen Storage. The Holding Company continually searches the world for innovative storage solutions. Their products range from natural weaving materials to recycled fibreboard, from moulded acrylic to fabricated metal. The Holding Company aims to give your life structure and organisation, leading to an easier, less stressful, existence. Its kitchen storage solutions are organised into eight categories: Baskets, Bins, Cutlery & Utensils, Food & Drink, Recycling, Space Savers, Units, and Trays. The range of baskets includes woven cane, Water Hyacinth, and plastic, together with metal Over Door Baskets finished in chrome. Some of the most ingenious kitchen storage items from The Holding Company are in the Space Savers category. These include: Expanding Shelf Organiser, Overdoor Bag Holder, Overdoor Towel Rail, Cabinet Caddy, Single Tier Turntable, Pantry Shelf, Corner Shelf, and Suction Peg Hook. 




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