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The variety of kitchen door handles, which can be used for drawers and doors, is even greater than the variety of kitchen units. Designs for kitchen door handles include: Bar Handles, Black Antique Handles, D Handles, Drop Bar Handles, Drop Pendant Handles, Knobs, Pull Handles, and T Handles. The styles of kitchen door handles fall into three categories: Contemporary, Traditional, and Novelty. Traditional kitchen door handles are suitable for farmhouse-style kitchens. Novelty designs for kitchen door handles include flowers, butterflies, and moons. Leading UK suppliers of kitchen door handles are profiled below the panel of sponsored links.




When choosing kitchen door handles there are three main considerations: function, look, and durability. Do take account of all three - although it will be up to you to decide what weight to give to each.


In terms of function, kitchen cupboard door handles need to be easy to grasp, even with wet hands. An impractical kitchen door handle may look good, but it will soon become very irritating; a kitchen should work well functionally as well as looking good. The most practical types of kitchen cupboard door handle are D or bar handles, which can be easily and firmly grasped. Another practical type is the knob, provided it is of a size and shape that fits the hand.


In terms of style, the three types - contemporary, traditional and novelty, all have their place. Contemporary kitchen cupboard door handles are typically made of chrome or stainless steel, in simple geometrical forms. They go well with simple flat kitchen cupboard doors. Traditional designs include drop handles, and decorative bar and D handles. Treat these with caution, as they can give a very fussy appearance to the kitchen. The most popular type of traditional kitchen cupboard door handle is the simple turned wooden or ceramic knob, which looks well with simple pine or painted panel doors. Novelty designs for kitchen cupboard door handles, although numerous, should also be treated with caution. Flowers, butterflies and moons may be fun for the first few weeks, but are liable to pall with time. And there are an awful lot of kitchen cupboard door handles in a kitchen, so changing them all can be expensive in terms of materials and labour.

Durability is easily overlooked. Kitchen door handles get plenty of wear and tear, so you should chose those which will stand the test of time. Stainless steel is the best in this respect. Beware of painted wooden knobs, which can  quickly show wear and tear.




The Handle Studio: Kitchen Door Handles. The Handle Studio is based in Gwersyllt, Wrexham, Wales. It is an online retailer of door, drawer, and cupboard handles and knobs. The product range is classified into: Bar Handles, Black Antique Handles, Bow Handles, D Handles, Drop Bar Handles, Drop Pendant Handles, Drop Ring Handles, Knobs, Pull Handles, and T Handles. Kitchen door handles can be searched for by type of finish; the enormous range of finishes includes: Anodised Aluminium, Antique Brass, Antique Pewter, Black, Bronze, Brushed Nickel, Brushed Stainless Steel, Children's Novelty, Glass, Leather, Matt Chrome, Matt Nickel, Pewter, Polished Brass, Polished Chrome, Porcelain, Stainless Steel, White, and Wooden. The Childrens Novelty cupboard door handles include: Pink Flower, Pink Butterfly, Green Palm Tree, Anchor, Smiley Face, Yellow Duck, and Yellow Moon.




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