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Replacement kitchen cupboard doors provide a cheaper alternative to a new fitted kitchen. There are three main types of kitchen cupboard doors: Raw MDF Kitchen Cupboard Doors, Vinyl Kitchen Cupboard Doors, and Solid Wood Kitchen Cupboard Doors. Raw MDF kitchen cup-board doors are cut to size, with a decorative pattern cut into the door, ready for painting. Vinyl kitchen cupboard doors are made with a strong vinyl surface (which may have a wood-look) vacuum applied to the front. Solid wood kitchen cupboard doors are available in a range of woods. Leading UK suppliers of kitchen cupboard doors are profiled below the panel of sponsored links.




In terms of functional operation, there is nothing to choose between kitchen cupboard doors: they all do the same job of closing off the cupboard. The two considerations, therefore are appearance and durability.


In terms of appearance, there are three main areas of choice: traditional versus contemporary, simple versus complicated, and expensive looking versus cheap looking.


Traditional kitchen cupboard doors usually have a frame and panel appearance. They may be made of solid wood, typically with a polyurethane seal, or with a painted finish. Alternatively they may be made of medium density fibreboard with a painted finish. Contemporary kitchen cupboard doors ususally have a plain flat surface, which may be of solid wood, or medium density fibreboard covered with a wood or plastic laminate veneer surface. Plastic laminates are available in a wide range of bold colours, including white and black.


The choice between simple and complicated designs applies to both traditional and contemporary style kitchen cupboard doors. In the case of traditional kitchen cupboard doors, the simple designs are of the 'Shaker' type, made up of simple rectangular sections. Complicated designs involve deep fancy mouldings, including curved mouldings characteristic of French 19th century furniture. In the case of contemporary kitchen cupboard doors, the simple designs are flat planes of colour, in some cases having high gloss. These look very smart, but are prone to finger-printing. The more complicated designs include glass panels, interior lighting, and tambour-style roller doors.


The difference between expensive looking and cheap looking kitchen cupboard doors is particularly pronounced for traditional designs. The highest quality designs are actually made in frame and panel construction from solid hardwood. The cheapest designs are made from painted medium density fibreboard, with moulding effect achieved by cutting a shaped groove into the medium density fibreboard. Although these doors do the job perfectly well, they look very cheap compared to the genuine article.


In terms of durability, the prize goes to kitchen cupboard doors made from solid hardwood. These can withstand decades of heavy use, and if they do become scratched or chipped the grain of the hardwood absorbs this visually. The least durable are cheap contemporary-style kitchen cabinet doors, made from flat panels of medium density fibreboard with paint or plastic laminate applied. These can begin to look shabby within a few years.




Kitchen Refurbs: Kitchen Cupboard Doors. Kitchen Refurbs Ltd is part of Doors Direct, based in Didcot, Oxfordshire. It offers a very wide range of replacement kitchen cupboard doors, all of which are custom made to measure to the customer's requirements. Depending on the type of kitchen cabinet door, delivery times vary from 7 to 10 working days up to 5 to 6 weeks. The website is organised into the following sections: Hi Gloss Cabinet Doors, Glass/Glazed Cabinet Doors, Painted Cabinet Doors, Handle-less Door Systems, Real Wood Veneer Cabinet Doors, Solid Wood Cabinet Doors, and Vinyl Wrapped Shaker Doors. The Solid Wood Kitchen Cupboard Doors are available in eight decorative styles, each of which comprises a four-piece outer frame and a solid wood panel in the centre. Standard wood options, all of which are clear lacquered, include: Natural Oak, Natural Ash, Natural Pine, Natural Maple, and Natural Beech.

Re-Nu Kitchens: Kitchen Cupboard Doors. Re-Nu Kitchens, based in Poole, Dorset, has been supplying replacement bedroom doors and kitchen cupboard doors since 1987. Re-Nu Kitchens argue that replacement kitchen cupboard doors can be fitted in a day, with no mess, and save more than half the cost of a new fitted kitchen. Re-Nu Kitchens can also supply new kitchen units and appliances. Kitchen cupboard doors are offered in three materials: MDF, Vinyl, and Solid Wood. The MDF kitchen cupboard doors are flat-surfaced and melamine faced, with a choice of more than 30 coloured finishes. These include white, buttermilk, and several wood-look melamine finishes including Beech, Oak, Ash, Pear, Walnut, Maple, and Birch. The vinyl kitchen cupboard doors have MDF core decorative panel designs. They are available in shades of white and cream and in wood-look finishes. Solid wood kitchen cupboard doors are available in plain and decorative designs, in Oak, Maple, Cherry and Pine.


Doors2Size: Kitchen Cupboard Doors. Doors2Size is based in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. It supplies MDF kitchen cupboard doors in many styles and finishes, and to any size. Doors can be made to Imperial as well as Metric sizes, and angled doors can be supplied for fitting under lofts or stairs. Designs for kitchen cupboard doors include plain doors, simple Shaker designs, and Cathedral designs with curved panel shapes. Colours include vanilla, ivory, and a wide range of wood-look finishes including Oak, Alder, Maple, and Beech. The manufacturing process starts with MDF sheet which already has has a melamine backing. The doors are cut to size, and the desired pattern is cut into the front surface of the MDF. The desired finish is then vacuum applied in the form of vinyl sheet, giving the painted or wood-grain look. Doors can also be supplied in raw MDF for painting.




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