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Kitchen appliances include: cookers, hobs, microwave ovens, refrigerators, fridge freezers, dishwashers, washing machines, washer dryers, and tumble dryers. Leading manufacturers and retailers of kitchen appliances have excellent websites, including advisory guides, which enable the customer to make well informed comparisons in terms of price and performance. For example, in the case of washing machines it is possible to select products by manufacturer's brand as well as by criteria such as load capacity, spin speed, energy rating, colour, and method of loading. Leading UK suppliers of kitchen appliances are profiled below the panel of sponsored links.




John Lewis: Kitchen Appliances. John Lewis is a leading supplier of kitchen appliances, both online and through its stores. The John Lewis website carries Household Appliances within its Electricals section. Product categories include: Cookers & Ovens, Dishwasher, Fridges & Freezers, Wine Cabinets, Washing Machines, Tumble Dryers, Washer Dryers, Vacuum Cleaners, Fires, Hostess Trolleys, and Integrated Appliances. Integrated appliances are designed to be built into fitted kitchens. The John Lewis website contains useful guidance articles on kitchen appliances. For example, there is an article on Oven Technology, covering multi-function ovens, types of cooking function, re-heating, roasting, and healthy eating. Kitchen appliances can be searched by brand, by type (eg type of fuel for an oven), by format (eg single, double, or triple oven) and by price range.

Bosch: Kitchen Appliances. Bosch is a leading German manufacturer of electrical goods including kitchen appliances. The kitchen appliances section of the Bosch UK website is divided into the following product categories: Washing Machines, Tumble Dryers, Fridges & Freezers, and Dishwashers. The Bosch UK website contains a Customer Service Video Gallery, with eight videos offering solutions to everyday problems with kitchen appliances. Titles include: How do I change my oven bulb?, How do I clean a ceramic hob?, How do I clean my tumble dryer filters?, How do I de-scale my washing machine or dishwasher?, How do I effectively clean my oven?, How do I stop washing machine odours?, How do I unblock my dishwasher pump?, and What should I do when my washing machine has not pumped out the water?. There is a section for spare parts and accessories, and all kitchen appliance product manuals can be downloaded online.


Currys: Kitchen Appliances. Currys is a leading retailer of electrical equipment, including kitchen appliances, through its website and stores. There are sections of the Currys website covering: Laundry & Dishwashers, Refridge-ration, Cooking & Kitchen, and Home Appliances. The Laundry & Dishwashers section is classified into: Washing Machines, Washer Dryers, Tumble Dryers, Dishwashers, Integrated Laundry, and Integrated Dishwashers. The Integrated items are designed to be built into fitted kitchens. Each category can be searched by criteria. For example, washing machines can be search by: washing capacity, spin speed, energy rating, colour, and method of loading. They can be searched by brands, including Beko, Indesit, Hotpoint, Bosch, Hoover, Electrolux, AEG, Miele, Siemens, and Samsung. They can also be sorted by price range.




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