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The two most common types of new interior door are moulded interior doors and flush interior doors. Moulded interior doors have solid core of lightweight timber or composite material, to which a moulded hardwood skin is applied on each side. The skin of these interior doors is designed to resemble the traditional frame and panel construction of a timber door. Flush interior doors have a flat surface, usually made from hardboard attached to a lightweight timber frame and core. Flush interior doors can be surfaced with hardwood veneer or wood-effect foil; or they can be painted. Leading UK suppliers of interior doors are profiled below the panel of sponsored links.




Interior doors are available in main forms: solid wood interior doors, panel effect interior doors, and flush interior doors.


Solid wood interior doors are normally of frame and panel construction. The joints are made using strong mortise and tenon connections. The wooden panels should be allowed to move freely within slots in the frame, to permit expansion. Such doors are available in a variety of hardwoods, including beech, ash and oak, which may be stained and sealed. They are also available in pine and other softwoods, which may be sealed or painted. For a period property, it is worth thinking about buying re-cycled doors from an architectural salvage supplier. Reclaimed doors have more character than a modern door, but check carefully that their joints are in good condition. An alternative to the frame and panel solid wood door is the plank door. This is made up of vertical planks, usually with tongue and groove joints, and with horizontal braces. Diagonal ledges can be added for additional strength, or even a full frame. These plank doors have a rustic appearance, and are particularly suitable for country cottages.


Panel effect interior doors may be routed or moulded. The routed doors are decorated with grooves, resembling a frame and panel door, incised into the surface. Routed doors are made from medium density fibreboard, which may be solid or may have a foam core. Moulded panel effect internal doors have outer surfaces made from either glass reinforced polyester or UPVC. These moulded surfaces have recessed grooves simulating the appearance of a frame and panel door. All these panel effect doors have a somewhat unrealistic appearance, without either the genuine look of a real frame and panel door, nor with the simple contemporary look of a flush door. We recommend that they are avoided.


Flush interior doors are used widely in new construction. They have a core, with a flat surface on each side and are reinforced around the edges with timber edging. Wider areas are reinforced to take hinges and door furniture. A very wide choice is available, in terms of thickness, weight, quality of construction, and quality of finish. The most expensive flush internal doors have heavy cores, and hardwood veneer finish. The cheapest flush interior doors have lightweight cores (sometimes just a paper honeycomb) and hardboard surfaces. If sound insulation is important, a high quality flush door with a heavy core is essential.


Consider the use of glazing in interior doors to living rooms and kitchens. They help the light to flow through the house, even when the door is closed, producing a more cheerful appearance on dull days. Glazed interior doors may have the glazing only in the upper panels, or in all panels. For safety the glazing should be of toughened or laminated glass.




Doorpac: Interior Doors. Doorpac, based in Sheffield, is a manufacturer of doorsets and doorkits, including interior doors. Doorsets are pre-assembled units comprising the door, the door frame and stop, the architrave and door ironmongery. The parts of the doorset are machined using CNC machinery, and the sets can be installed in less than twenty minutes. Doorpace manufactures four types of door: Moulded Doors, Veneered Doors, Flush Doors, and their own brand Unique Doors. The Moulded Doors have a moulded skin on each side, and are available in a choice of five cores: Standard Core, Semi-Solid Core (with solid strips that run down the outer edges of the door), Solid Core (which increases weight, rigidity, and sound insulation), Solid Core with 30 minute Fire Rating (in 44mm thickness), and Solid Core with 60 minute Fire Rating (in 54mm thickness). The finishes for Veneered Doors include: Beech, White Oak, Cherry, Koto, Ash, Maple, Sapele, and Red Oak.

Jeld-Wen: Interior Doors. The Jeld Wen ranges of interior doors are: Moulded Interior Doors, Flush Interior Doors, Feature Interior Doors, and Room Fold Interior Doors. Moulded Interior Doors are available in six types: Panel, Pre-Finished Royal Oak, Two Light & Half Glazed, Full Glazed, Glazed Pairs, and Wardrobe Doors. The Moulded Panel doors are available as single-leaf door, pairs or bi-folds, with glazed options. They are available in smooth or wood grain finish, with a choice of standard core, heavyweight core, and fire rated core. All moulded interior doors have a skin (or facing) of 3.2mm die-formed moulded hardboard. The skins are available in 2, 4, 5, and 6 panel designs, intended to resemble traditional frame and panel wooden doors. The stiles and rails are in softwood, with the core being made of polystyrene and lightweight timber pads. Lock areas are reinforced with chipboard or softwood. Flush interior doors are available in hardwood veneer or paint finish.


Premdor: Interior Doors. Premdor UK is part of the global Masonite group, headquartered in Tampa, Florida. Premdor acquired Europa Doors in 1994, and Crosby Ltd in 1996. Premdor makes four ranges of interior doors: Moulded Panel Doors, Interior Timber Pine & Panel Doors, Interior Innova Veneer Foil Popular & Paintgrade Interior Doors, and Flush Foil Plus Interior Doors. The Moulded Panel Doors are available in a wide range of traditional panel designs, with either smooth or textured finish. Partial or full-height glazing is also an option. Premdor's timber doors are made from solid softwood, to which hardwood veneer is applied on all surfaces. Premdor's flush veneer and flush foil interior doors have a plain flush surface, without indented panels or mouldings. They are available in 25mm or 35mm thickness, with in both cases a solid core. Veneered flush doors are offered with an Oak veneer. The flush foil doors have a WoodTone foil surface, simulating Ash, Oak, or Beech.




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